Piercings for cable management?

Since we're not quite at the point of implanting cables yet, has anyone thought about using piercings to route wires for wearable devices? I'm thinking mainly eyebrows, earlobes, and maybe surface bars...instead of jewelry, route a wire through the piercing to connect to devices. It just popped into my head, haven't thought of a use for it yet though - maybe hooking an external battery to Glass or something.


  • Only concern with this would be tearing. Snag a wire and rrrrrrip.

    Magnetic dermal anchors might help avoid that. Have a magnet on one end instead of a typical gem, then use a metal cuff around the wire in question. Secures it, but will detach from you instead of detaching the piercing from you in the case of a snag. (and you can go ahead and put the gem endpieces back in as you please.)

    I started work on taking aprt some video glasses and attaching them to regular glasses, other end to a little Raspberry Pi. The video runs through RCA cables which would be nice to keep close to my person instead of dangling all about.
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