RFID and the devil

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I suspect all of you have heard the argument that RFID implants are the work of the devil, mark of the beast and will surely bring about our destruction. That is, of course, unless the government uses them to track you down first. Perhaps it is a waste of time to argue with people who believe this but I want to hear your experiences. When I try to explain it I get bewildered looks. People stop arguing with me but I think all I've done is inundated them into submission. As an engineer I get that a lot. What have you said and how did people react? Let's get some stories.


  • After high school, I pretty much quit participating in conversations that invoked the supernatural. You can't have a reasonable conversation with a person who doesn't have reason.
  • I have a RFID implant and im a magician ... People really think I have a deal with "Satan"
  • Heh. One of my childhood friends is of this opinion, and it was quite amusing when I tried to strike up a conversation with him about it. By the end of it, I think he said he was of the opinion that it was better safe than sorry. I usually don't associate with people who aren't willing to sit down and have a logical discussion about something they disagree with.

    If it comes down to a debate, though, I just cite the bit of Christian scripture that talks about the location of the mark of the beast being on the right hand/forehead, therefore, as long as I don't get any implants in those locations, I don't have to worry about the validity of their argument, and they just look foolish trying to convince me of my own doom.

    I mean, come on... It's like the history of every other scientific advancement ever. Something new like this comes along, and all of the people who think it violates their belief system whip all of the otherwise ambivalent people into a frenzy. Witch Hunts ensue, people get executed, arrested, blacklisted, or otherwise discredited for a few hundred years until everyone calms down and decides the previously-offending party was right.
  • I agree as it is better safe than sorry but also think it will be a tattoo that is 666 or the name of the antiChrist not a rfid chip but even then it will be on the forehead or right hand so if it isn't in those places there is 0% chance that it is the mark of the beast I don't think it will be even this widely used before the rapture so I highly doubt it is an rfid chip and I doubt it would be described as it is it will probably be a tattoo that is like a universal credit card.
  • From my very limited experience i was able to observe one thing: If religious people don't like something, they will come up with whatever reasons they can pull out of thin air to justify their believes, no matter how contradicting their argumentation is.
  • Having studied random philosophy in the past and having a decently strong ability to debate a topic I have always enjoyed finding similar people and bringing up one point I know they are against and then citing their own books and scriptures against that person just to confuse them. 

    The moment you know what their argument for or against something then you can build a solid counter argument and watch them stumble around while they try to cite their ideas out of thin air
  • Well yes and no, there has been propositions that RFID implants could be used as credit cards/medical information trackers...This is a seriously bad idea-if it became widespread. 

    Have you ever seen a touch/tap to pay credit card?  Those are hilariously easy to read without your knowledge.  All it takes is a cell phone sized device, and you can walk around a mall skimming credit card information all day.  This same thing would happen with an RFID implant.

    That is not to say that the implant wouldn't be secure for a while, but it will be decrypted eventually and easily skimmed.  An implanted device cannot be upgraded to handle new security standards as easily as a device not implanted.

    Then again, we live in houses with glass windows and we all accept that pretty readily...so clearly most people aren't concerned with security.
  • talking about glass windows… central heating is also pretty bad in that regard.
  • ^this^ was the appropriate response to that post
  • Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to bring up scripture or invoke satan.  My bad.
  • Hmm. Now to bring science into this whodo. I hypothesis that implanting 666 RFID chips into my body will then summon satan. Time to put this to the test.
  • I´ve thinking on getting a 666 tattoo on the hand with my nfc chip just to freak people out haha

  • I'm not generally one to go looking for trouble, but recently a friend tried to strongarm me into going to their church out of the blue, and if it happens again I'm going to drop the cyborg bomb and hope they run with it in this general direction. Seems like feeding their irrationality at my convenience might be easier than trying to have a rational conversation and getting frustrated.
  • I've long wanted to make a RFID chip whose ID was just a hexadecimal string of sixes, just to piss those kinds of people off.

    As @ThomasEgi said, though, if people don't like something they will come up with whatever bullshit reason to hate it.  People (particularly fundamentalists) made similar arguments against vaccines (it will rob us of our souls and turn us into cows), anaesthesia (suffering is God's will), and credit cards (the same mark of the beast stuff).
  • I used to remember all of the passages involved with it but can't any longer. Was raised christian, and although most of that knowledge has degraded from lack of use it usually boils down into what it actually says.

    So when someone brings up that I have the mark of the beast. I point out that it doesn't really fit the criteria for it being the mark.

    From what I recall it is that:

    1. It has to be located on the right hand or forehead.

    2. Placement must be mandatory and not volunteered.

    3. This will happen roughly all at once, not specks of random communities voluntarily doing it.

    Then I usually point out the SSN's and Credit Cards were also believed to be it at the time.

    If they don't let up after that I just kinda ignore them, I try my best to explain things to people within there own purviews, but failing that I'm not going to go out of my way.
  • Unfortunately, my entire family is like this.  I bring up what I've been working on when asked, and then immediately get a barrage of "What?  You worship Satan?  How dare you bring such blasphemy into my house."  And many similar things.  I have just given up on trying to explain to them because it always leaves me being either kicked out of a house or being left completely alone and shunned.  Neither are good options when your primary domicile is almost 600 miles away.  Then again, leave it to good ol' Christian Kansas to get in the way of science...
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    I know I'm late to this party, but I wanted to share. A lot of my conspiracy nut friends keep talking about how ObamaCare will force everyone to get microchip implants. ObamaCare passed, and then I did get a microchip implant! Weird, that.
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