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  • now that's a logo i really like :) great job.
  • I was going for a design that you could cut out the irrelevant side if you only did bio/DNA stuff or only electronic implants.

    I was also thinking of doing one with the pcb lines and DNA strand as the iris for the eye. So maybe I'll have time to get around to doing that in photoshop, otherwise I might just take a picture of a doodle I did in class when I get the chance.

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    Don´t know if I´m too late, BUT, would it not be great to have a symbol that is tattooable? Vetruvian man? Not doable(if you want it 6x6cm)... Love the 3-part gear though, and inside it, @purplep is on the (eye)ball

    What I´m seeing on the top of the site now, is a pain in the ass to tattoo, also not vary visible from a distance
  • @Ghost02236 The Sigil (the graphic on the top left), is not difficult to tattoo. Any tattoo artist, given a print out, would be able to trace it onto a transfer.
  • Yes, but trust me, I am a tattoo artist and it is 1) a pain to tattoo this and 2) from a distance, you dont know what it is(much),,, just an opinion
  • @Ghost02236 I'd argue it's given significance by its unlikeness to other symbols and objects. The viewer experiences pareidolia, especially from afar. It was intended to by a symbol to be meditated on, like its relatives in occult sigilism. 
  • Yeah, I took it from the wrong end. Now I kinda like it even more, it´s a good symbol

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    At the risk of thread necromancy, was a universal symbol for Biohackers actually decided upon? If no one can agree on a single graphic that works for everyone, might I suggest using the one provided by @SixEcho, and just replacing the inner symbol to suit one's personal needs? 
  • ...Risk of thread necromancy?


    Anyhoo, the sigil SB refers to is the one that you see if you scroll to the top of the page, and look on the left side.

    And no, it's not universally accepted by all biohackers, grinders, and transhumanists. It's just what's on this website.

    Now let this thread rest - that goes for anyone else reading this in the future.
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     i think it should be a yin yang symbol with the sides being humanity and robots, like a balance between synthetics and organics.

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    Strayed  you're talking yin yang and I agree, I had this in my mind for some time, as yin yang-type symbols are a vision of the world as a whole, whereas pyramidal-type symbols represent a hierarchy and established order.

    This one is very simple (nope, I'm no designer ^^) it could represents a pill surrounded by magnets, or a modern yin yang between mechanic and chemistry, industry and nature... Colors may indicate the type of grinding (red for surgery, yellow for electricity, green for chemistry...) mixing them for specific fields.

    I think the answer to this topic will relie in simplicity, something you can draw in a few seconds. Many logos here are awesome but too sophisticated...
  • I think that the conclusion of this thread is simply that there isn't a particular "answer" that is going to be reached.

    This website has adopted a symbol for itself, but obviously everyone is welcome to (and should) adopt their own standard. If there is ever a unified symbol, it will be one that emerges organically from common use.

    That being the case, I'm going to close this thread.
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