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  • @Ida is right about that a good logo
    should be in 2d. Possibly 2.5d as in one flat thing on top of another.
    There are 3d logos and even moving logos now... but everyone is
    looking for the logo that looks good in 2d, in black and white and
    that scales well. That means you can use it anywhere.

    @lda's grinder eye(the one he/she has
    as icon) is a very good logo. It's a memorable simple design that's
    generic. So you get to provide the meaning, the idea to make it a
    stylized eye is brilliant. It's one of those few simple perfect logos
    waiting to happen.

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    There have been 3d logos for a long time. But not animated 3d like you're talking about.


    Edit: That's a shitty reproduction of a lovely Paul Rand logo.
  • So I was brainstorming with my partner, and I ended up making something sort of akin to @DirectorX's Vitruvian Man.


    I should note that the gear is derived from @Jack's image - I hope that's not an issue. The proportions are rather strange in these, and they weren't made in a vector program. I'm not a graphic designer, so I figure if this garners interest, someone else can create a superior version.
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    @DirectorX @Oak A variant of these has potential. I want more character.

    I like @Jack's hand symbol. I have reservations with its potential identification as a symbol for "stop". Do we revisit the eye?

    Please leave slogans out of this discussion. I encourage anyone to create a new post if you'd like to discuss them.
  • I like the idea of an eye but, as to the current design, when I first saw it, before reading the post, I didn't realise it was an eye, I just thought it was a regular gear or something.
  • I don't have the time/skill to make nice digital versions of my ideas, so here's a couple of sketches.

    I feel that it could use some improvement, but I'm wondering what people think about the direction.
  • I kinda like @DirectorX's...
  • @Oak I like it, run with this. I prefer the filled-in version, it's eye-catching: perfect for when we start paint-bombing the streets.
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    I like Oak's too - the gear head fits in with fans of something being called x-heads, and also links to thought and intelligence. Maybe some circuitry could be added to the body to modernise it.

    Here's my grinder-esque tattoo, although it has a different meaning-

  • mutantur omnia nos et mutamur in illis - All things change, and we change with them

    love this!

    so many great designs in this thread now, great job everyone.
  • Hi. I'm new. You were linked on reddit in an AMA.

    I've been reading your stuff. I can't really contribute much at this point, but here's a thought for an icon:

    Why not a picture of someone with the fingertip mods dragging a finger over a ferrofluid?
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    That would actually be quite a cool image...  *pokes @DirectorX*

    Welcome to the community :)
  • Are the implants actually strong enough to visibly affect ferrofluid? I remember it being very dense. But if you can get it to work, it'd definitely look cool.
  • The best bet would be to have an over-arching motif or image that people customize based on their views.
    I'm thinking maybe having the whole gear + wings, then leave the middle part for things like a hand or a double helix or what have you.
    One of the main things to focus on is how easily you can put it somewhere visible, for example your skin to show people "hey, I biohack", or on a building to show to other biohackers "some of us hang out here - you might want to show up some time".

  • I saw the gearhead in the video that @SovereignBleak posted on Vimeo, so I decided to invest the time in making an improved version of the image. Since the doodle that I posted before, I've learned a few things about using GIMP to draw more or less acceptable images. Could still use improving, but that's the best I can do at the moment. 



    I was also thinking that a better image could be made by using the "walking man" and replacing the head with a gear. It would take a pretty universally familiar image and convey our message pretty clearly at the same time - while maintaining symbol's original meaning of "go", or moving forward.
  • Have you seen the torn away flesh tattoos? Perhaps we could have one with a gear underneath. And then the gear says whatever (or not).
  • Maybe we could integrate the human heart and the gear? Maybe have the heart outline with the inner border being gear?

    This would move away from the hand as a symbol yet still be a representation of a human. Another possible interperetation would be that we are still humans at heart, but modified.

    I would do this myself if I had good enough skill.
  • @Oak

    While I do love the design I think many would see the symbol and think of the term "gear-head" which is more synonymous with someone who works with cars, engines, automobiles, etc. than it is for a biohacker.

    Although I've just joined, my vote is for the double-helix gear.
  • My fav is the reordered gear by @Ida. Doesn't look too much like biohazard anymore (could as well just be part of the gear) and is nice and clean. Symmetry is awesome.

    Some of the others are much more difficult to reproduce, which is a drawback for me.
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    @Jack and I have considered the submissions here together with our own sources of inspiration in our regular discussions on how best to visually interpret the movement.

    Those many hours of agonizing and deliberation have produced what we've started referring to as the "grinder sigil", a hybrid symbol of obvious figures (the gear, a stick man) and a sentence of desire broken down into base lines.

    @Jack will be refreshing the site in the next week with the sigil and a motto; any feedback is welcome: both the sigil and motto are iterations in a continuing process of refinement.
  • @SovereignBleak

    Love the new header for the site. Has anyone made a stencil of this yet?
  • ldalda
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    I quite like it. Also reminds me a bit of Square and Compasses.
  • @Ida

    Exactly what I thought when I first saw it.
  • I am absolutely disappointed in all of you that I had to be the one to post this.

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    I thought I'd share my take on the Vetruvian Grinder:


    This builds heavily on previous ideas, but makes it more styled and 'logo-ish,' at least to my eyes.
  • @PsynFyr: I like it a lot. Looks great!
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    I've been lurking around for a bit and was intrigued by this thread. I'm not a huge fan of the gear motif myself, it feels to antiquated and I doubt gears will take a main role in the future of prosthetics for weight and other reasons, so here's my take on a symbol :)


    Someone with better photoshop skills than I (read more patient) can probably do the DNA better. I had something a little better but when I meant to close a layer I accidentally closed the window before saving (v>O<)v

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