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  • I recently came across a lab with a biohazard symbol on it to keep people out - because unauthorized people in the lab raised the contamination risk to the tissue cultures inside, rather than any actual risk to people.
    The skin is biocontainment; anything under it is classified as medical waste, and at the least incinerated. So a symbol that says "behind the meat, the machine" - roughly - does quite nicely for me. It's also very visually striking.
    I'm going to attempt to add wings to it soon, actually; we'll see if it helps or just muddies things up.
  • Though to be fair: if you went into the lab, opened the incubator, took out one of the two types of sample inside, processed it to detach the cells from the vessel wall, and then poured it over an open wound, then there would be a small risk you would eventually develop cancer.
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    imageget it? 

  • wow.  I really botched that paste.
  • @DirectorX lol

    @SovereignBleak I took the biohazard sign to simply represent the biological part, rather than 'an intent to harm biological things'. The cog represents the metal, and it looks pretty bad ass.

    Still, there's no point having one unless we all agree on it.
  • It would be nice if there was an organized display of biohacking symbols on the table that are being contemplated as the site symbol. Honestly, I wouldn't be offended if this site vetoed all of our ideas to adopt a symbol of their own. That symbol would represent, while whatever symbol I adopt for myself will represent biohacking to myself.

    Of coarse, as this is the community gossip tree of sorts, it would be nice if the symbol could be at least not hated by everybody, even if we were all tolerating it. 

    My idea is obviously better than everybody else's, but take that thought with a grain of sand ;p

    I'm rather opposed to the use of symbols that are directly linked to politics, religion, or are already established as signs of danger. As cool as the biohazard sign looks, it simply isn't the message we want to send. You can't isolate 'bio' out of the symbol, the symbol means without a doubt that you will seriously harm yourself in ways that you don't really want to harm yourself. Its what they use on containers of used needles, and other unsafe materials. If there is a box full of vials containing AIDS or the ebola virus, its going to be marked with the biohazard symbol. We aren't a biohazard.
  • Also many, many t-shirts with it on it. Jus' sayin'. (",)
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    I went and tinkered a bit with @niko's design:

    cut off the ends:


    cut more:

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    @Ida Love the gear but I can't support a symbol that suggests harm; an alternative centerpiece: eye, handprint, any symbolic suggestion of the body integrating with the machine.
  • I agree, I definitely like the gear...

    imageimageimageI sorta borrowed your gear, Ida, sorry about that, but I added some less evil looking things to it. Handprint is my favourite out of the three.
  • As badass as the cut bio hazard symbol is, I've got to go with the handprint one.  We may already face an uphill PR battle, having such an aggressive symbol won't help us.
  • @SixEcho: The handprint looks like a stop sign, perhaps make it the back of a hand? Also, go crazy with what I made, have the .svg files here: :)

    @SovereignBleak: That's why I cut off the ends. But yes, I see your point.

    My try at eyes:
  • I don't think anyone would associate the symbol in the middle of Ida's earlier design with the biohazard symbol, but if you cut just a little bit more off it could look great
  • At that point you might as well not use it. The idea isn't to create something that just looks bitchin', it's to create something that means something.
  • Stick a slogan around it. BAM! instant meaning. 
    'We who strive for something more' or 
    'strive to feel the invisible', or  
    'to be better than we were', or 
    'to be more than we are' or 
    'to see the whole' or 
    'to see all that there is' or
    'me, version 2.0'
    There are so many possibilities Put it in a foreign language; feel mysterious and exotic. Write it in latin and feel like you went to a public school.
  • How about the handprint/gear, but with a solid handprint. also the words above could be a motto, and the words below could be "Do not MRI, contains metal parts"? or whatever the warning would be. Kills two birds with one symbol
  • the black hand has some meaning in the underworld, not that I care.
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    I have to vote for the gear with the double helix

    And as for a saying how about:
    Caveat emptor - Let the buyer beware
    mutantur omnia nos et mutamur in illis - All things change, and we change with them
    nemo liber est qui corpori servit - No one is free who is a slave to his body
    possunt quia posse videntur - They can because they seem to be able to
    Latin phrases just give off a sense of distinction or legitimacy

  • Just so you all know, this is a temporary substitute account for @Ian until I get my Google Account ID back (I've contacted @Jack, so hopefully that should be soon).

    I'm going to have to cast my vote for the double helix-inside-gear symbol, although I would prefer that the symbol be in color.  If I get a chance, I'll design a prototype color symbol.
  • @Firedust : A symbol can't rely on an added slogan. That's ridiculous. Might as well just use the slogan then, except then you run into the issue of again relying on language, which is precisely what an icon homes to circumvent.
  • @Jack:  I agree.  Although it might be fruitful to have a slogan on the actual logo, the first thing a viewer sees should be the logo, not the slogan.  Also, if we do put a slogan on it, it should be in Latin or some other dead language (as others have indeed noted), for much the same reason that taxonomists use Latin for their binomial nomenclature.

    Oh, and I got my account back.  Praise Poseidon!
  • image
    ... Badass.
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    I like it but... it might just be me but it looks a little off center, here's what I'm thinking:
    The two segments with "Mutantor...." should be on the top two gear segments since it's one continuing phrase, I think it just looks kind of awkward and off kilter when it's on the side and bottom side segments. Then put Don't MRI on the bottom but don't have the text upside down, have it right side up.
    I tried to do it myself but I can't figure out circular text paths in gimp.
  • Okay, that I like. Any objections to this obviously badass and meaningful symbol?
  • @Firedust:  nope, not really :-)
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    I took a couple days to think about it and I'm now leaning away from adopting a slogan immediately. It's potentially a source of division while we work out a symbol. @Jack has taken down the placeholder slogan you've seen on the forum.

    I'm still not satisfied with our present symbol iteration and at least concerning its site adoption, the symbol bears further discussion and drafting. A DNA strand is too general and doesn't capture the essential human element in our endeavors. 

    I wonder if an integrated symbol might be more effective. It's difficult to decipher the meanings attached to proposed symbols. Direct interaction between the gear and the central element might clarify.

    We now have a wiki where we can put up past and future submissions.

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    I am quite okay with "Metal implants - Do not MRI" as a slogan. (I know, it's not totally accurate.)
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