Current status of *PROVEN* subdermal induction systems?

Does anyone have or have references to someone with a functioning subdermal induction/power system, either for battery recharging or for short term power? I've read a lot about things that should work, or things that have been tried but failed. I was wondering what the state is for techniques that actually have been proven to work, or if research isn't at that stage yet?


  • 2 coupled LC oszilators, one driven. Works. Every RFID tag and every wireless phone charger works that way. What system to use and how to dimension it is a different question. But the basic principle is proven in countless cases.
  • Hm. I'll take a look at that. "But the basic principle is proven" is really the rub - I know there are a lot of solutions that work in theory and principle, but I was wondering if there are any techniques that have actually been used or implanted and proven to work.
  • There are far more practical examples of inductive coupling than you might be aware of, including implanted ones.
    Wikipedia has a list of the most common ones.
    From devices as big as transformers in power stations, towards smaller things like motors, toothbrushes, erotic-toys, down to tiny rfid tags or μm sized structures. Inductive power transfer is working. For mobile-phone charging there are at least 3 concurrent standards for inductive charging that are somewhat popular.

    Many cochlear implants are powered via inductive coupling. Pretty much all rechargeable neurostimulation devices come with inductive coupling too. A smaller number of pacemakers also use them.

    Even i had a set of coils and capacitors transmitting enough power to run a microcontroller on it over a 2cm airgap. It's really no big deal to make it work. If your demands in power and transmitting distance increase, it's getting more difficult. But within physical limits it's working great.
  • Oh I know there's lots of examples of inductive coupling, I was meaning those that are implanted.

    Cochlear implants are exactly what I meant; didn't even think about those. I'll do some more research.
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    the guy that implanted the huge thing in his arm uses inductive.

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