Great book that deals with Transhumanism in a graphic novel format, called "Transhuman" by Hickman

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I was at the comic book store in South Norwalk CT on vacation visiting my girlfriend. I was browsing while she chatted with the owner, and I spotted a book called, Transhuman........, that definitely piqued my interest. I unravled it from the stand and flipped the book on its back, where there was only one blurb.

"...if you're reading this, take my advice, put the comic down and step away from the shelf - because it is not everyday that you get smarter from not reading a book"

I laughed, and with heed, bought the book.
Great art and writing, it also brings up some valid points on transhumanistic products, production and methodology. 

Very cool to be seeing transhumanism as a subject viable for the public, I have never been prior exposed to any transhumanistic products and I can truthfully say, that the, toungue in cheek, blurb on the back actually draws you further in and creates a great reading experience. An experience which not only deals with transhumanism but humanity in general and raises questions there-of.

Here's a link to the book on Amazon if anyone is interested in purchase. 
I can scan the whole book and put it up on torrent, but I believe it is already out their.....somewhere. 

Here's the link to the home of the book with extra detailed information.

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