freebase lidocaine to lidocaine HCL

Anyway, here's the story. I'm getting an implant done in my finger tip.
I've had a few piercings, and a couple tattoos, which didn't bug me
much, but I'm worried the nerve density of my finger tip will be more
pain than I'll want to handle without numbing up a bit.

I've extracted lidocaine from a topical burn spray through an acid-base
extraction, and far as I can tell unless there's unlisted ingredients
I've got pure lidocaine dissolved in clean naptha, which is evaporating
off as I type.

I've got a scale, and once I have my crystals of pure freebase
lidocaine, I want to convert it back to lidocaine HCL using some lab
grade HCL i had a friend bring me a small sample of from one of his
chemistry classes, It's supposed to be exactly 40%. I need to know how
much HCL to add to how many MG or grams or whatever I get (Not quite
sure how much is in the naphtha now, I'll weigh it when it's evapped.)
to get lidocaine hcl without any extra leftover hcl... I'd rather not
burn my finger tip before I get it sliced into, no matter how numb it
is. Any guidance from soneone who might be able to calculate for me, or
link me to a way to calculate it myself so I can learn and not just ask
questions anytime I dont know something.

If I add too much HCL, if I let it sit open for a week or so will the
hcl evaporate leaving lidocaine hcl and water? or should I try using
citric acid instead? I've basically modified the procedure from a DXM extraction(I used to be a druggy, now I put my curiosity towards stretching myself and improving my body as much as I can), so any guidance would be nice.

Thanks in advance!


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    Chemist here!  I'll see what I can cover...
    First, some concerns:
    You did an acid based extraction? I would have used NaOH to crash and then used an organic solvent to separate... could you please pm your protocol so i can go over it and see what you are working with? Don't post it until we get it verified; it would be unfortunate if someone made a mistake from it...
    Naptha is not a good solvent for this project. It is a mixture of so many different things that without a rot-vap, I would be uncomfortable saying everything was removed. Can you get a hold of ether?

    Now, let's discuss if you choose to go forward. You may have done some of this, i'm just being thorough.  You will need to wash the crap out of your solution with pure cold water filtering through cotton balls. This will allow you to get any excess crap out. I would go for 5 washes through a filter. At this point, it will separate into organic solvent with lidocaine and water with crap. I believe you have done this. Remove the water layer and you have what you have now.
    Now, I would suggest using a vacuum chamber or something to get your freebase pure of solvent
    As for resuspension and proper amounts, I am not 100% on this, but it seems right to me. Calculate the molarity of your lidocaine in solvent by taking the mass and converting it to moles. You can find the molarity of lidocaine on wikipedia. Then  figure out how many moles of HCl you would use to get to 40%. If you need help with this, ask your chem buddy or pm me. Now, your HCl is already dissolved in water and is non volatile so it won't evaporate (and don't use citric acid) If your HCl is not dissolved in water, dissolve it in water. Make sure to calulate the proper amount of water to get the molar solution you are trying to work with. You should be able to add that you your freebase. The lidocaine goes with the HCl solution and and remaining organic solvents will float to the top to be skimmed off.


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    I sent you a message. As far as I know, my buddy might be able to source some ether, but I don't know for sure. Any way to get it OTC or online somewhere without raising too many eyebrows? I believe it's in computer duster, but I think that'd be pretty impure...
    I know for a fact my chemistry buddy can give me a hand with the molarity calculations, he was talking about it just the other day.
    anyway, thanks for the help glims! BTW, aren't you the thread killer? I think I saw you on another thread, you corrected a bunch of people, then nobody replied for awhile... hahaha. I believe it was a magnetic implant thread.
  • Have you considered just buying lidocaine solution? sells it; it's kinda overpriced but all ready to go and inject.
  • This may be a better option... Haha I didn't even know about this site. Bookmarked, and thanks, I'll definitely consider it. May be the easiest/safest route.
  • You can buy diethyl ether on eBay by the liter...
  • yeah, i got so excited about the chemistry, i totally forgot he could just buy it. hahaha!
    Amal's stuff is really solid. I would suggest you go that route. It would be safest. We are all doing some risky stuff, no need to make it more difficult than it has to be.
  • Right!? but only if you make sure have a good protocol. Since no one is packing an NMR (well, except for me), making sure you have a solid and easy to follow protocol is crucial.

    On that note, anyone who is planning on doing any home lab work and hasn't worked in a lab before, let me know and I will go over your protocol so we can make sure you are as safe as possible.
  • Thanks so much for your help @glims. I'll probably go with the pain management kit, as that's the safest route. I've got some time before the implant anyway. Thanks to all who replied, at least I learned where to get my dangerous things for biohacking ;)
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