Scab peeled and magnet moved to my cut.

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I recently did my implant and I think I made my pocket too short. A couple days after the implant my scab got caught on the couch and peeled off. After looking at it my magnet moved out of the pocket and is sitting right under my cut.

That was yesterday and I put a bandaid on it. So far the skin is starting to grow over the magnet and I haven't noticed any issues. I'm wondering if it's going to reject at all, or if it should be fine if I don't play with it for a couple days and just keep replacing the bandaid. If need be I can go buy another scalpel and re implant a new magnet.


  • Has the wound healed over the magnet? As in, is there still a hole there? Is the implant area warm at all? Any weepage? That's very shallow. @Cassox, can you take a look at this?

    That's what it looks like now. The bandaid got wet and that's why it looks a little weird. I'll be replacing it soon.
  • The area feels the same temp as the rest of my hand and there isn't any blood or puss leaking out.
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    That is quite shallow... Have you been keeping the area medicated with antibiotics? And does the pocket seem dry?
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    Rubbing alcohol and polysporin. It might have moved up a bit while I was playing with it.
  • Just updating about how it looks just before I put a bandaid on for 14 hours.
  • That definitely looks too shallow, I think you put the magnet in the middle of the skin layer and not in the fatty subdermal tissue...It looks like it's going to reject outward as the skin follows natural healing/turnover process.

    (I'm not a medical professional or bodymod guy)
  • Yeah, I'm thinking I must have made it too shallow.. We'll see if it heals or not.
  • Yikes. There is no chance of that healing shut. The white skin above the magnet is not getting any blood. It's going to just get shed off.

    When doing an implant like a magnet, you really really want it to heal by primary intention. Basically, a very clean nice wound edge knits together rapidly and heals with very little scarring.

    Your wound doesn't have nice edges. The white areas are non-vascularized which means its dead. It will inevitably be shed. Your wound is healing by secondary intention where the underlying tissue is granulating. It's possible, although not optimal to have an implant heal up in this way. Yours will not though, because all of the healthy tissue is deep to the magnet. It will not wrap around but rather just keep growing beneath and pushing the magnet outwards.

    I'd pull it out if it were me. If your going to try salvaging it for a few more days, stop with the alcohol and polysporin. Instead of a bandaid, apply a little gauze. Your skin is staying too wet. It's better to cleanse it periodically with sterile saline which will assist it to heal rather than killing the granulation tissue.

  • And I'm totally not trying to sound know-it-all or condescending and I apologize if I do. Consider it your first trial implant. Your doing good. Did you use a suture? Dermabond?
  • @cassox Thanks for explaining it to me.. I'll probably try to salvage it, although it's looking like it's going to fall out pretty soon. I have a couple more magnets soaking so I'll give it another try, but I'll make a new cut and let this one heal. I'm not sure how long I plan on keeping my magnet in until I switch it out for one of your magnets when they're finished.

    I didn't really take it as condescending seeing as I have no clue what I'm doing and you do :P. I used super glue to hold it together, which I definitely wouldn't do again. It tends to peel off and take the scab with it.

    I'd love to go re-implant one now, but my girlfriend has my vehicle and will for a couple more hours.
  • Aaaand my magnet fell out after I took the bandaid off. I'll be buying the materials I need to implant a new one tomorrow.. is how my finger looks now.. What does everyone think about placement here? I'd like to place it on the same finger still, but I don't want to have to let it heal. I'm probably going to do it on the O I marked out, but I want to know what others think of that placement.
  • IANAPhysician, but I would really recommend waiting until your previous incision heals up - with that top skin clearly lacking blood, I would suggest allowing it to close and ensure you're free of infection before stressing your finger more. I don't have a medical reason to back it, but my gut says one open wound is easier to manage than two. Perhaps a different finger?
  • That's a good point, that's what I figured I just don't want to accept it. I guess I can wait though. I wouldn't want mess up my finger.
  • I would try another finger and the incision on a different position, horizontal , not vertical like yours and on the edge of the finger, then do a cavity removing the fat tissue and pushing the magnet to the tip. Thats how mine was done, I have had it for 1 year now and still good 
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    Good catch. Glance through this slideshare (near the middle) for information about Littler's Diamond; it's the area that is safest to cut into with various cuts. Read slide 33 and 34 if nothing else.

    Also, you can check out Augmentation Limitless for a more visual guide.

    I wouldn't see an issue with doing it on another finger if you're really eager - I know dat feel...
  • Well, I want to do is as soon as possible. But I also want it on the same finger. I'm going camping over the weekend, so I'll wait until Sunday to see how the finger is doing. Four days might be enough.. If not I can wait a few more.
  • Sorry to hear ... if at first you don't succeed and all that.
    FWIW: Next time, I'd ditch the band-aids in favour of a Tegaderm dressing (with gauze). It's more expensive but it's very good at stopping damaged microdermal piercings from rejecting.

  • When I got a piercing or a microdermal, body mod artists told me that I have to wait one year after doing other mods on that part, because thats the time it lasts for the flesh inside to grow again
  • Interesting. I won't be waiting a year though :P
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