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I plan to perform implantation myself - I've heard the warnings, I don't need to hear them again. However, I would value input on my surgical plan. I've gotten feedback from an RN who says it looks sound, but I always want more eyes looking over things. I will have two assistants also with sterile gloves on to assist as needed. I'm planning on doing it a week from tonight.

I'm sure I'm going BEYOND overboard with what's really necessary in terms of sterility but better safe than sorry (or necrotic). Plan below. All tools except scissors and hemostats are individually packaged and sterile.


Surgical Plan

Sterile Scalpels (#11 recommended)
Snub nosed surgical scissors
Plastic tweezers
Multiple syringes and luer lock needles

Sterile Saline
Super Sani-Wipes
Lidocaine 2% solution
Chlorhexadine prep swab

Fresh tube CA glue
Sterile latex gloves

Good familiarity with digital block techniques, digital anatomy, sterile procedure
A strong stomach


24 hours before surgery, test a saniwipe treated magnet in hypertonic saline to ensure parylene coating integrity remains intact.

Scrub down all exposed skin surfaces with soap and water. Don sterile gloves. Prep all flat surfaces in room by occluding airflow and clean with soapy water, then with saniwipes. Take off gloves. Don new ones. Lay down a clean towel. Take off gloves. Don new ones. Use wrapping from gloves as operating surface, although treat any tool or sharp that touches the surface as contaminated and discard.

Draw up sterile saline into syringe for irrigation.

Prepare an assistant to don sterile gloves and wipe down magnet with steri-wipe immediately prior to insertion. Ensure it is given ample time to dry.

Take off gloves. Mark lateral crease points, and extend lines laterally to create Littler's diamond to indicate safest locations for lateral incisions. Mark point of incision and desired magnet location. Scrub down with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Wipe down with sani-wipes. Dry thoroughly. Don sterile gloves. Lay out wrapped tools and lido ampule with sterile, guarded needle, with scissors and tweezers sterilized as needed if not individually packaged. CAREFULLY cut tip off of left ring finger glove to expose incision site and lido injection sites with sterile scalpel. 

Clean lido injection site with alcohol prep pad and proceed with digital nerve block by drawing up lido and creating a wheel on skin lateral to the knuckle on the palmar surface to the left and right lateral sides of the knuckle, then, using aspiration as an indicator of blood vessel intrusion, proceed with 1-2cc injection as close to the bone as safely possible. Repeat deep injections until all 5cc are injected. [Advice from my nurse friend, who said this is essentially a digital block for dummies.]

As numbness grows, scrub incision site with chlorhexadine solution and allow to dry.

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  • [cont.]

    Proceed with marked 5mm incision, blotting with sterile sponge held by the hemostats. Use the scissors as a probe to open a pocket from the incision such that the desired placement site is hollow. 

    Ensure the magnet is disinfected and dried. Gently grasp with sterile tweezers, and visually inspect for signs of parylene degradation. Discard any anomalous magnets and restart magnet sterilization. Insert the magnet into the incision and push into place with blunt end of scalpel or scissor tip.

    Manually press air out of the wound and blot away blood. Lightly apply CA glue to the wound surface, with the wound held together by an assistant if need be. Take care not to attach tools or your assistant to the wound. Once the CA is dried, you can discard your sterile gloves and contaminated surfaces and tools safely in marked biohazard and sharps bins where appropriate. Wipe the incision area down with alcohol prep pads and apply triple antibiotic ointment before applying a light bandage and wrapping the finger in gauze.

    Change dressing and antibiotic ointment twice daily for the first week, taking care not to get the incision site wet. After the first week, dressings can be omitted for a simpler bandaid with antibacterial treatment continued until the wound is entirely closed. Treat site with gentle caution until healing is entirely complete. Refrain from playing with or using magnet for at least 4 weeks post-procedure.


    Thoughts? Comments? Resounding declarations of my utter idiocy and ineptitude?
  • Have you checked out the 3 part Magnet Implantation Protocol outlined in @Cassox's Augmentation Limitless blog?

    Beyond that, your protocol seems great. Very sound, very planned out, which is good. We need more of that.
  • Yes I used that as a reference, especially for incision points. Forgot to add I'll have a hair tie as a tourniquet on the finger for no more than 20 mins. Thanks for the feedback!
  • I just did my implant, and I'm kind of wishing I planned out more like you. I think I put my magnet a little far back (it's lined up with the back of my finger nail). I more just used @Saal's video for my quick how to. It went well though. The worst part was cutting deeper with the scalpel since freezing with ice doesn't do much after the top layer. Also, make sure that if you have more than one magnet, put a couple in the saline baths. I only had one ready and when I went to put it in my finger I dropped it on the floor, and after that I didn't want to trust it in case the coating got damaged at all.
  • O.o this is the second time I've heard this. to anyone else out there who used my vid as some sort of implant guide/walkthrough, please don't. That implant was very poorly done and was eventually removed. I put it up there specifically so people WOULDN'T do those things.
  • Haha, well I took it with a grain of salt. A better way to put it, would be that your video was the most recent that I watched before I did it.
  • @Saal, I'm sure I've seen your videos in my research; do you have a link nonetheless? Any specific pointers as to mistakes you made?
  • Thanks!
  • Make sure your tool to insert the magnet is not magnetic!  A metal scalpel may stick to the magnet, which would be a pain in the ass.

    The only thing I would add to your list is a decent size, sterile magnet.  That way if you can't get it far enough in the pocket you can use the magnet, or if you need to get it out for some reason it will be a lot easier with a magnet than tweezers.

    Check and prep a few magnets beforehand.  You can check the magnets for damage before hand by dropping them in a glass of water for a couple hours.  If they make bubbles (beyond the one on the surface when you drop it in) then they have a hole.  I wouldn't want to be checking/sterilizing magnets while my finger is bleeding, which is what it seems like your process is..
  • Note the section magnet prep, where I only specifically mention one but will probably have 3-5 magnets sterilized, all of which have been checked for bubbles.
  • I recently purchased some non-magnetic metal tweezers on amazon. they're rather nice,and are a little more firm than the plastic ones, making dropping the implant less likely. paid about $6
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