Bodyhackers, Biohackers, Experiments and projects wanted for German TV documentary

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Hello community,

I am a German TV producer. Right now I am working on putting together a documentary about Biohacking.

Therefore I am looking for interesting projects and people that we can feature in the film. I am open for all kinds of suggestions.
But I would also like to follow someone getting his/her first implant and someone who is already a veteran and takes it to a new level.

If you have heard of workshops, experiments and projects that might be interesting to show then please share.

We would like to show what is happening in the biohacking scene right now and where it could go in the future. Who are the key players? Groundbreaking experiments? Everyday advantages of hacking your body?

I am just now delving into this interesting topic so please forgive me if I mix up terms. Does Bodyhacking and Biohacking mean the same to you? Is there a difference?

If you have any suggestions or if you are interested in being part of the film just drop me a private message or reply to sporschill (at)



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