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I had an idea for a wiki article, I think we could use a general directory of knowledge, what are the must reads in terms of the grinder (and transhumanist) printed word? Philosophy, technical / mechanical, anatomical / medical, society, psychology, fiction, etc. Books, articles, web pages, etc.

I wouldn't mind writing up the article if I got enough input from everyone here about what they think should be included. I think in some areas there will be little "grinder" literature since we're newer than and probably overshadowed by the more approachable transhumanism but still...

Also, I'll admit, I have a second motive for starting this thread. I'd like to extend my knowledge of building electronic gadgetry (of which I currently have none), so if you could recommend me a book or two I'd appreciate it, I think I'd be able to contribute more if I knew more about the topic at hand.
I'm serious though about compiling a knowledge article for the wiki, I think it really should be done at some point.


  • I remember someone linking me to a book, one of the passages of which talked about using lidocaine powder, but I forget the title.  If the person in question remembers this, please speak up.

    And, since you mentioned philosophy books, I'd have to add Friedrich Nietzche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  While there is no direct connection between Nietzche's thought and transhumanism/grinding (although this article suggests otherwise), I'd say that many of the sentiments echoed by Zarathustra in that book are sentiments that are probably echoed by most grinders.  For example, in the Prologue, he tells a man that had just fallen off a tightrope "You have made danger your calling; there is nothing contemptible in that.  Now you perish by your calling:  for that I will bury you with my own hands" (§6).

    While we obviously take every precaution we can while going about our grinding, we all recognize that there is still a risk in doing this.  Many of us, however, would argue that it's a risk that needs to be taken.  We would never have discovered America or radiation unless there were people who were willing to take the risks involved.  In fact, when I first heard about grinding, I was afraid to do it, despite wanting to.  It was because I picked up my copy of TSZ and glanced through it, and noticed passages like these that I made the decision to plunge forward, knowing the risks.

    So, with that in mind, I humbly submit TSZ for the reading list.
  • I wouldn't have thought nietzche would apply here, cool....

    I just bought Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto, haven't finished it yet but it's pretty good.
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