last few check before install

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so for anyone following my other thread i have finally received my correct parylene coated magnets from supermagnetman.

just wanna know if what i have here is correct to prepare for the install.

1. throw them in some saline solution for a few days and see if bubbles develop on the surface to verify integrity of the coating.

2. sterilize with (insert here)

3. install?

 i wasnt sure if alcohol is sufficient, im guessing ill need something else as well.

i used a bit of glue stick it to the pad of my finger and ran along the stove, kettle, toaster, etc and i can feel it even without being inside my finger, pretty cool stuff, cant wait now !


  • sterilize with 70% isopropyl alcohol (or ethanol).

    i hope you removed the glue without messing with the coating.
  • Holy shit I can't spell haha. I'm not reusing the one I glued on, I have new ones.
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