Where to buy parylene coated 2x6 mm (cylindrical) neodymium magnets?

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I'm looking to buy a  few of the above mentioned magnets and use an RFID injector to put one in. The last group buy was in 2012, so I'm guessing those aren't available anymore. Supermagnetman doesn't appear to have any for sale any more either.  Are there other sites that sell them in small batches, or would someone have to organize a new group buy?


  • Since I couldn't find any cylindrical magnets and I'm way too eager to wait, I bought 10 of the disk ones from supermagnetman. The should be here within two weeks, so I'll update then on how my surgery went.
  • How did your implant go? I'm also looking for a cylindrical magnet or 10.
  • I didn't end up finding any cylindrical ones, I bought some disks instead. I haven't received them in the mail quite yet.. But they should be here any day now. After that a friend or two of mine are going to join me in the implanting, so we'll see how that works after. My girlfriend is also interested in it, but doesn't want to do it before she can see if it has any negative effects on the three of us. I'll try to upload a video of them all when they get done.
  • You wont have any negative effects, the only one I could think of is damaging the coat before implanting it, this will have a bad side, but other than that is awesome, you will have a sixth sense. My girlfriend also wants to get an implant but she is afraid of the procedure haha

  • BTW Remember to test the coat of the magnets to see if you received the correct ones
  • To test them I should soak them in salt water for a couple days an make sure that there is no bubbling or oxidizing right?
  • I highly recommend not implanting the parylene. @glims has run some lab tests on them, and they simply aren't up to par. @cassox is working on titanium coated ones which are far superior, and far cheaper than Haworth's, just give him some time :)
  • Just out of curiosity, is polystyrene bioproof? 
  • xposting from other magnet thread...

    so cass is writing something up today-ish, should be up soon. just so you guys know, we have taken the coated magnets from multiple suppliers, including supermagnetman, and subjected them to coating verification (fluoroscopic)  and cytotoxicity tests. it's a whole world beyond tossing it in some salt water and looking for bubble

    as soon as we get a batch ready, we will let everyone know.
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