Ordering Magnets From SuperMagnetMan

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Im about to place a magnet order from super magnet man and Im looking for some reassurance that these should be suitable for a implant.

Im open to other suggestions if anyone has any.



  • Ok, so you've got the right magnet. It should be all good. I ordered a batch not so long ago however, and got nickel plated rather than parylene. Only Nickel... When I asked that this be corrected, the girl I emailed refused to correct the issue and stated that they were covered in parylene and then nickel ... which makes no sense at all. I finally got ahold of "supermagnetman" directly and he fixed the order right away.

    Now another guy on here complained of the same issue and I haven't heard yet if it was resolved. If I were you I'd make sure to emphasize when ordering that you need parylene coated, it's should be a gray color.
  • Thanks, I just placed my order and ill update this once they've been received.
  • hey i'd definitely be interested ! are they cylindrical? or flat?

  • Got them today. I made a comment while ordering about looking for a exterior parylene coating. Magnets where in a bag with parylene written on it. Can't believe how perfectly the implant went. I'm already able to identify which circuit breakers in my fuse panel have significant current flow and which ones don't. As a automotive technician this is going to have a huge impact on my diagnostic process.
  • I requested they stock these magnets sometime last year, I implanted one last September and haven't had any issues yet. Since it's not a scientific website, I highly recommend you test the coating.
  • I'm having the coating tested. I'll do a blog on the results when I get them back.
  • Do you guys know of a at home test process? I just thoroughly inspected all of the magnets I received with a magnifying glass and selected the one with the most uniform coloring :/ Any idea how quickly symptoms would develop from a improperly coated magnet?
  • Soak them in a salt water solution for a couple of weeks, initially there will be bubbles from the dissolved oxygen and nitrogen so shake that off. If more bubbles form after the initial ones, discard that magnet. I couldn't tell you how fast your body would react to the bare metal of the magnet though.
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