Help me make transhumanism part of a university course!

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A course I am taking in university as my elective is called technology and social change and for our final exam we are asked to write an essay on a topic related to all the material which we have learned that the professor will also consider making an addition to the course. I will be writing about transhumanism and grinding as a small step forward but wanted to get your opinion on which points you all feel I should cover to make this as likely as possible to be added to my course.


  • Very cool that you are writing your paper on transhumanism and grinding. Am I correct in understanding that your professor is going to consider making a class based off your final paper, or just a module in the class your taking?
  • just an additional module in the class i am taking, we concluded the course on the topic of posthuman. we don't talk about transhumanism or grinding though so i proposed it to him as a logical add-on and he said to write about it for my final and if it's well done he will add it to the course
  • What about talking him about Kevin Warwick
  • Powerpoint on Transhumanism
    (Yeah I know this looks like a crap site, it was the first one I found to upload and send a file quickly blame the RIAA)

    Said PowerPoint being presented:

    One of the biggest points I would make is just how much transhumanism is in modern culture.  Almost every tv show and movie features transhumanist elements in some fashion.

    Hope it helps! 
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