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  • we're not saying that we are tossing it. just that we care going to buy another model that is not in beta so in the off chance that we just can't get this to do what we want, we have backup and everyone gets their prints. one way or another.

  • I should apologize, it's partly my fault this is taking so long, I've been taking a bunch of @cassox's time working on other things

    Saw this. Any ideas on whether or not it is a decent alternative? 
  • this is a completely different architecture. this type of bioprinting is basically 2d. you can actually make something similar, tho less flashy, by emptyijng an ink jet cartridge, filling it with proteins, and then loading it up and just pressing print.  2d biopringint is simple and very well established. If you have an old inject printer you are willing to mess with, you can be set up in the time it takes to clean and load it.
  • Hi, know its been a while since i've been active, but other things yknow? would anyone be willing to send through dimensions, etc etc of this thing? just for curiosity's sake...
  • many things have been mentioned in the last couple posts. could you be more specific about "this thing"? is that the printer, the files, or the second printer, or the bioprinter that was mentioned?
  • aha, sorry for my lack of specificity, i meant the original printer.
  • Oh like how big is it? About the size of a softball. Print size is medium apple or smaller.
    I can get you more specific dimensions if you need them. I'm just building the new lab, so a lot of the tools are in safe places. 
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    Can anyone who contributed to the "group buy" send me an email at [email protected] please. Also, tell me how much you sent if possible. It's the honor system I guess since I don't have access to that info. Thanks!
  • You should have had access to that info until recently. I can resend that to you if you don't have that currently. Pm me and I'll make sure that gets to you.
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    Well, since you're interesting in getting involved you are intending to pay these people back correct? When were you going to get around to that?
  • Was a refund issued by Peachy?
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    No. But the community is built on a certain level of trust. Despite objecting to it from the beginning, there needs to be follow through. So, I'm going to try to figure out a fair solution for people.
  • Some experiments succeed, some fail. The peachy printer sucks. I feel that everyone understands that. We all got what we paid for. A whole lotta bork.. . If anyone wants, I invite them to contact me directly and I will address this. Hell, maybe even send them the pieces or money if they're feeling super put out. Given that it's been a year, I figure everyone is on the same page, but you never know.

    I'm on my phone but didn't we have someone talking about making those templates? Whatever happened to that?
  • How exactly does it suck?
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  • When we got the printer it was in extreme alpha. No real documentation. What was there was patchy and sometime referred to parts that they had since altered or replaced. I am sure it's better now but a year or more ago, it was a pile of randomness with no way to know how to put it together. Cass basically toasted himself banging against it, and I didn't do any better. Since then it's been sitting in a box. Most of the pieces we have don't even exist in the current build. The price of early adoption... Sometimes things work. Sometimes they don't.. This very much did not.
  • It was never an experiment however. By definition, an experiment is a procedure meant to validate or invalidate a hypothesis. In this case, it was money received in exchange for the service of providing prints. We were unable to provide this.
    I was never involved in the planning of this. I never received after money or benefit, and I certainly never approved of it. I'm certainly less than excited about reimbursing people out of my own pocket, but I'm not a crook. Because I was involved with SFM, I recognize that I am responsible for debts incurred.

    Grinding is based on trust, and to take money from people for something and then fail to follow through out of my own incompetence is not something I'd like to be known for. If people want to "let me off the hook," then send me an email. Or I have some cool products on the way so we can consider it a credit in the future. Whatever.

    Glims, I'm not here to have a battle with you. I understand you don't feel the need to reimburse anyone. Fine. So just stay out of it.
  • Also since the edit function apparently doesn't work any longer... The email is [email protected]

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    I already said if people contacted me I would deal with it. Made that quite clear just a few posts ago. Battle? It's an internet forum dude. No need to sling around anything else. I'm just not going to say what people do or do not want/need. Everyone knows how to contact me.

    edit: edit function still working. anyone else experiencing this issue?
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