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  • Just out of curiosity, how long will the printer take to print something?

    it's quicker than extrusion but it's still 3d printing, so it's not like star trek. usually, when i print, i just start it and let it run over night.... maybe i don't understand the question...
  • I'd be down to contribute money for my own set of prints! is it still 60$?
  • you bet! keep it coming guys, we are running this until the 18th

  • Do you happen to know which filetypes it supports for those who want to use it can get it in the right format(s)?
  • Definetely STEP and STL, maybe more. Probably needs to be sliced beforehand anyway, converting the files isn't too much of a problem with tools like meshlab anyway though.
  • .stl is the most common, but it takes .obj as well.

    .stil is like, all the 3d modelling software out there, from sketchup, to blendr, to maya....
  • 2 more days! We have stalled at $400, but I think we can pull through. Any other takers?
  • Aside from the fingerprints what else can we print with the Peachy?
  • I can up my contribution to $100, but unfortunately will need to wait until the 1st before being able to send the money.
  • oh no, I didn't notice this thread before!

    I have just sent $240 via the donate button on the SfM site (I hope that is the right paypal). That should make up the remaining needed right?
  • Yep! We're all good here.
    I'll get right in.

    Thanks for all the action peeps. Way to motivate!
  • Awesome job, everyone!
  • Sweet. I can't wait to hear how the progress goes for the printing of the thumbprints!
  • I have a couple quick questions, did yall preorder through their kickstarter or contact them directly? Also was wondering if you guys have any idea on how long it'll take to for you to receive it? The hack lab near me is interested in this printer now so I'm trying to collect any info I can.and you seem to have a lot more then their website/kickstarter does lol. They may be interested in getting one as well whether they have to/want to wait or not. 
  • direct contact. i just emailed the guy and let him know how excited i was about the project.
    it might help that i work in a chem eng lab...

    since the project hasn't shipped yet, they are still doing add ons...

    don't quote me. i'm sure each situation is unique.
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    Ok thanks for the info much appreciated they have a modded ultimaker v1 lol it requires a LOT of maintenance and is one of the extruder styles so yea... its slow and rough lol, they are looking for an addition and one to take over during the down time I apologize for going off topic but since you found this gem any others you'd suggest? I know they considered an newer ultimaker, a Rostock Max, a spiderbot and probably a few others. If he has any open beta slots they maybe lucky and get in if they decide to go for it just because they are a hackspace and hes a member of one.
  • I''ve sent the files (fingerprints), really excited on how this ends!
  • That last set was much better, Jack :) we'll keep yall posted on shipping dates/progress converting the prints into a 3d-compatible format.
  • I used a professional camera of a friend and used a different kind of paper, also some prints were taken with the use of tape and others didnt, I learned a lot 
  • Excited to see this happen - do you have a rough schedule?
  • The order has been placed. I know that he is sending out everything by tiers for the beta testers. we got in there a bit late, but we are standing in line...
  • Hopefully it will bee soon!

  • I can't wait. If we have a file we want to print. Who should I send it to once it comes?
  • you will be sending it to [email protected]

    just a heads up, we are still in line. the money has not actually even been used, it is just waiting. i'm sure you guys know how the crowdfunding action works. so it's just a long dull wait until the next step. i think it will really be worth the wait. i will let you guys know if anything progresses.
  • its here! yaaaaaay! it came in a flatpack!
    i figured you guys would want to see it getting opened and set up since you all chipped in for it, so i thought i would take a video. if that's silly wankery, i have no problems just ripping into it now.

    anyway, happy delivery day!
  • Nice!! Lets see how the fingerprints come out!
  • I couldn't care less about an unboxing video - just get me some of Jack's prints! 

    (That said, a couple of simple photos of the kit would keep everyone feeling involved, I think)
  • cool, i will take some photos. it's a pretty sweet looking kit. super simple and small. its so cute!
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    Boop! sorry, took these photos with a potato...


    you can see the board and the frame. notice it came with protective eye gear! because lasers...


    close up on the frame. came as one piece, you just pop it apart and assemble. 

    i'll take some better pictures during assembly.

    on a side note, who here does 3d modeling? i'm competent, but i would be remiss in not asking for the best help we can get from the group.
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