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Hello All,
Just wanted to introduce my self. I very briefly heard about implanted magnets from the movie Modify aprox. 7 years ago and have ever since wanted an implanted magnet. I could never find someone reasonably close that could/would do it, and I wasn't about to jump in to doing self surgery. Finally last week through a facebook post I found out a friend of a friend of mine has a magnetic implant (we'll call him Q), not only that but the guy that installed his is just a few hours drive away from where I live. So in the next month or two I plan on getting him to install me a magnet (once I can make all the arrangements for the trip)
I spoke with Q extensively about his magnets. He has two Parylene coated cylinders 1/4" x .133", one in his left thumb and I'm not sure where the second one is. Q indicated he's very happy with that implant size and style and regularly goes rock climbing and works on cars without it being a problem. So I intend to go with that magnet, though unlike Q I plan to get mine in my left ring finger - seems safer and less in the way. 

Intuitively it seems that a cylinder would be less fragile than a disk when subjected to mechanical stresses.

Going forward in the future I may consider getting another magnet whether it be same or different style, but that stands to be determined. 

I don't have much in the way of specific questions but just wanted to introduce my self and put out there what I plan on doing to get feed back if anyone has any. 

TL;DR - Just an introduction. Plan on getting a Parylene coated cylinder 1/4" x .133" in my left ring finger professionally installed. Feedback welcome.

Thank you All :)


  • I have the same - 1/4" cylinder in the left ring finger and I'm very happy with the placement. Its off center on the pinky side of the fingerpad and I haven't had any difficulty with it. I would recommend having it offset like this - it makes it much easier to play with the magnet IE picking things up off the desk etc. If you place you hand flat on the desk and try touching one side after another of your ring finger flat to the surface you will see what I mean. 
  • I was thinking offset to the pinkie side as well. I assume yours is parallel to the finger?
    How effective do you find it for EMF sensing at that location?

    I'm not sure I understand what movement you're trying to describe.
  • Well I don't have anything to compare it to, but I am quite happy with the EMF sensation. Mine is a little bit low, near the joint - I think it would be a little more sensitive higher up, but more likely to get in the way too. 

    As far as the movement thing goes - its just way easier to touch the outside part of your finger to something then the inner side. I met someone who had their magnet on the inner part of their finger and it looked less intuitive when they went to move things around with it. 
  • Okay gotcha makes sense.. Thank you for that input...
    I've come to realize I hit the "e" key with my ring finger, and that's the most common letter in English, so I'll have to makes sure it''s at least far enough back to not interfere with key strokes. hehe
  • Incidentally does anyone with an implant scuba dive? Is there any special considerations? I scuba dive regularly. I can't imagine there would be any problem with it but probably better to ask.
  • To the best of my knowledge, a magnet implants will not interfere with a keyboard unless you have an ancient one with reed switches. Scuba diving should be no issue. Although now I'm curious is having a magnet increases your chances of frostbite in extremely cold conditions...
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    Agreed with Saal about the keyboard, no interference for any keyboard I have used with relatively large magnets under the pads of my fingers (this is on standard membrane keyboards, various laptops, and my mechanical at home.) I did get mine put in using a scalpel, though, and he went in through the tip of the finger, so there was definitely discomfort when I hit that cut on keys. Even months later it is still healing and feel's a little weird, although it does not really cause discomfort.

    One thing that also might be worth noting is that a strong enough magnet can trip the lid-closed sensor on some laptops. I use a Macbook Pro regularly, and have noticed that sometimes when I'm reading and not paying attention to where I rest my hand, I will sometimes put the computer to sleep. (Scared the crap out of me the first couple times.)
  • Doh...tip of the finger is about the worst angle you can come in from. Your piercer needs to get his shit together, he shoulda known better.
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    How is that the worst angle? The magnets were fairly large, (3x5mm cylinders with additional coating,) and he did the placement very well.

    Although if you are saying it is the worst just because of the amount of nerves cut and the amount of pain, then yes, I definitely agree. But he did warn me up front, and after a couple months a lot of the feeling has come back. I think I heard it was about 6 months for full healing of these, though.
  • hehe I wasn't really concerned with it interfering with keyboard operation, but just encountering a recurring mechanical stress - and hitting the skin between the key and the magnet - which maybe a. uncomfortable b. prompt rejection. I'm a software engineer so I spend 10+ hrs a day at a keyboard.
    Interesting question with regard to the frostbite. The relevant part with diving would be any kind of compression of any trapped gas in the wound, but I imagine that any air that might get caught under the skin during the procedure would probably be absorbed within a few days to weeks. 
  • Hey man, I am software engineer. My piercer did mine before taking a class from Steve Haworth. As a result he made a big channel subdermally so that he could place the magnet away from the incision.

    Air will be gone by day 2 if any gets in at all. I was 95% within a week. I cannot stress enough that this procedure is minor. it is seriously on par (pain wise) with getting nipples or septum pierced.

    Word of warning you can occasionally grab something, such a heavy box, and it will catch it just right that it is awkward, not painful, but awkward. Totally worth it, especially if you start building bottlenose units.

    Little known fact that having magnets teaches you? Hard drive magnets are full of scary magic, stay away from them ;)
  • @rpyka, tip of the finger (fishmouth procedure) is under constant stress and pull. your wound should've been almos 100% closed by 3 days and pain pretty much gone by ten, but that area takes forever to heal because the incision never stays closed and lined up for long.
  • Just wanted to update this and say I got the implant done last night. Very little pain, just a bit of soreness seemingly more from the suture than the actual cut. Doesn't really hurt unless I bump it into something. Incision was on the opposite side of the finger than the magnet placement around 1cm away. I elected to watch the pictures on the wall rather than the procedure as it was being done so can't offer too much detail lol
  • Correction, it actually came out more centered than off to the outside so closest edge is only a few mm away from the incision.
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