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  • I'm not sure Drupal would really be the right tool for this, to be honest. It seems like the real heart of what's publicly accessible at least is the forums and then the wiki. Drupal is a great solution for a site with multiple pages and sections, or a home for multiple articles and blog-type posts. I don't really see it providing the same level of functionality when it comes to the forum-based home. Vanilla and Discourse are both forum-specific options that are a much closer match to the forum needs, and a wiki at this point is almost universal when it comes to managing info repositories. Which means a smaller learning curve for fewer people.

    The tagging system might make drupal handy as a back end for a larger media repository system (as will having logging-in options for handling levels of public/ access), but I have to wonder if there's something more task-specific that's also open source and worthwhile. I have to wonder... and do more research on the matter.
  • @SovereignBleak I also enjoy's openethos. And it should be that way for the discussion platform, but images can sometimes be private. Therefore I would still like the non-public option for images.

    I agree with you regarding the Google+, Facebook, etc. thing. There are better platforms.

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