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  • something simple i would suggest is a "reply to" or "quote" feature so you can easily reply to a comment and allowing the person to get a notification based off of me directly replying to their comment on a thread.
  • With regard to notifications, you can already be notified when someone mentions you.
  • what if some of us want a link dump but dont have or would never want to use a facebook.
  • make a page on the wiki, use dropbox. make a persistent evernote file, start a blog, use
  • under the "Purchase Materials" link in the wiki, the "Parylene C coated magnets (individual purchase)" link is broken. it's at fault of them taking the product off of the site
  • you guys should have a shop on here it would be a big hit
  • I can't post from my Nexus 5.... the keyboard disappears immediatly after showing.
    Maybe a mobile theme? Or at least make it a "regular" <textarea> on mobile clients
  • Or better yet: An actual app? 

  • Pretty simple one, but I think it's important we have an option other than male or female for people to choose when making an account.
  • maybe just a box you can fill out or ignore at your choosing? any radio button option is just going to end up being restrictive....

    on the topic of modifying the profile information: could we have a section that allows for people to input skills sets? i think this would be very helpful for collaboration and actual project related work.
  • I completely agree.  I'm a big fan of the second idea too.  Maybe there could just be an "about me" section or something similar.
  • Minor suggestion.
    I, and I assume others, am used to pressing "tab, enter" to post a comment but the first link after the comment box is "Back to Discussions."  I've navigated away from a fully typed response by accident because of my FB conditioning.  Do other people have the same knee-jerk conditioning for posting a comment?
  • That's a facebook thing? I think many of us might not know that, so that's useful info. Also, are your comments not saved when you navigate back to the page? mine are....
  • They have been so far but my heart fails a little each time I accidentally navigate away from a large unposted block of text.  I assumed it was an unspoken standard that "post" is the next selectable after pressing tab from a text field.  FB isn't the only place I've seen it.  Maybe it's in my head.
  • I haven't had this happen to me here (yet) but I agree with @McSTUFF. Especially when I'm on my linux partition and using almost entirely keyboard shortcuts, I tend to hit enter or tab+enter to submit a text field. It works on most websites' log-in interface AFAIK.
  • I second the suggestion of an app or a mobile version of the site. Posting/reading on my phone is almost prohibitively difficult.
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    I can't implement any of your suggestions without a competent coder. Email me your applications and I'll get you what you need.
  • Hi, 

    I'm mostly a mobile developer, but I have a background in web design and development. If we need an extra hand to implement some of this stuff I would be able to volunteer some time. 
  • @JoeyCC:
     I was about to say the same thing. Or just nix having to put down a gender when you sign up altogether.
  • @SovereignBleak, I'm an experienced webdev, mainly with PHP and Python, and can definitely help code, make tweaks, or advise.
  • I work as a web developer, and while my schedule is tight I would be happy to lend some volunteer time and hands.
  • I would love to see the company's of some of the members on this page. In a lot of comments people say "we are working on.." And I, among others I am sure, would like to know where we can find their work.
  • Any chance of a collective photo gallery for those who want to post their X-ray images, implant photos etcetera? Perhaps it could also be a resource for implant procedure videos, magnet party trick clips.
  • I second @kjwx's suggestion.
  • Thirded. A visual resources section would be a nice place to put a little digital scrapbook of sorts!
  • I agree, I would however like it if i could set things to public or members only..
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    Aye. Having some sort of privacy settings is a must...
  • I think having a google plus community would be a good idea.

    Also I have been dealing with a CMS called drupal lately and its amazing for this kind of stuff. So maybe look at using that as a future CMS? its very flexible and easy to build, and open-source.
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    @pkp336 @kjwx We should be able to address both of these needs in the wiki. May I suggest a page created where grinders can list their companies? We may need to install the Image Extension module before photos can be listed inline.

    @AMNESIA I enjoy's open ethos. Being a grinder doesn't mean you're part of some umbrella organization with a strict membership list. Posting rights are given by application to reduce spam.

    @Benbreezy I am vehemently opposed to social backends beholden to Google, Facebook, etc. There are better, more integrated, and less invasive solutions available.

  • I'm just saying that drupal is more of a frame work and is very light. you build on top of it. Dont diss it until you look at it.
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