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  • I have a linkedin account.
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    I'm concerned about the trend toward fragmenting discourse. The group on Facebook is a mess: chat is now divided between @phone's IRC channel and Facebook's group chat, which we have no logs for, and which belongs wholly to Facebook.

    The improvements to's infrastructure are not found in more social nodes. It's a wider area to look at, it's confusing, it's damaging to cohesion.

    Right now, the Facebook group is a hit-and-run linkdump. I'll reiterate here that if you intend a topic to be discussed, it's frankly lazy to start a topic without justification. It's in our Rules and Guidelines: "Summarize your topic, state your talking points and include relevant links." If that isn't clear, I urge everyone to improve the draft: it's editable by all.
  • Regarding the IRC channel:  I'm not able to connect to the wutnet server, so I can't help wondering whether that's a problem with the server itself or it's a problem on my end, but I've tried every program I can think of and they all fail to connect.

  • I can not connect with wutnet at all as well.  Concerning the facebook group, message me.
  • Please try connecting to chat through its web interface located at @Jack and I are working to implement the interface directly.
  • The facebook page is fine. It is people chatting, sharing ideas/links, whatever. Most of the conversations there would be deleted if they were brought up on the forum. I think it is important for community building. Facebook can't hurt in the recruitment arena either.
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    @DirectorX I disagree: apart from issues of fragmentation, users are unnecessarily exposing themselves to legal repercussions.

    Privacy needs to be addressed here before it results in real-world consequences.
  • First off, FUCK THE POLICE!  We aren't doing anything illegal here or on Facebook.  Some of you might get charged with 2nd degree sales tax evasion for magnet purchases.  That's about all the illegal activity I can see here.  Has anyone here ever been on a fetish website?  People freely discuss ways to abuse their slaves, post torture videos, cut themselves/others open, insert glass rods into their penises (and then shatter them into thousands of pieces; sorry you had to find out like this) etc.  A few people cutting their fingers isn't going to draw the feds.  We can have the luxury of paranoia once we actually make a working mod.  Until then I think paranoia is unhealthy and counter productive.  I'm sure more than one noob has been turned off by it.

    Secondly, FUCK THE POLICE!  We are doing something revolutionary here. We are on a mission to improve/alter our beings.  I have no moral objections to what we are trying to do here; in fact I take pride in it.  I refuse to wait for my majority elected officials to catch up to my level of ambition or enlightenment.  I refuse to walk on eggshells and speak in hushed tones about what I want to do.  I want my fucking jetpack!

    Thirdly, FUCK THE POLICE.  If someone creates a working mod that they feel might be questionable legally, let me know offline.  I'll spend my own money, talk with my lawyers, and will work out a strategy to protect your identity/your personal and financial interests in the mod, and your legal record.  All of these mods we have discussed are legal somewhere, in some country, and there are logistics methods to safely distribute anything anywhere.
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    We found our slogan.

    It's passion like yours that stands us apart. We're not a silo, we're a fucking revolution.

    We're doing what we can to help you shout and scream and fuck shit up in the future-present. The future-present that belongs to the posthuman punks and rebels, the self-made warriors.

    Shifting infrastructure now, before we spark attention, helps us later. Fuck talking about surgeries like we didn't do them ourselves, we did and we'll show anyone who asks. We'll put our servers out in the ocean and make it a nation.

    I want to do what we can now to make that future our future.
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    "Biohack.Me:  FUCK THE POLICE!"

    Very interesting indeed.  @SovereignBleak's last post reminded me of Nietzche's book Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  Actually, not just Nietzche, but Max Stirner's The Ego and Its Own.  That statement "The future-present that belongs to the posthuman punks and rebels, the self-made warriors." particularly resonated with me ;-)

    And, as I understand it, this isn't the first time someone's suggested doing some things underground or in different countries.  If we could pull something like that off, that would of course be uber awesome.

  • DirectorX
    I agree with your sentiments. Although I ain't seen the police around here yet :)

    Freedom for all humans made sense until the majority of humans became weak-minded fools who can't even be bothered to take care of themselves. In this age we are born into you can either be cushioned into complacency by forces who would prefer you to remain blissfully unaware; a sheep- or you can look at the world, draw your own conclusions and act on them.

    As humans partaking of society we owe a debt of contribution; we must make up for our own footprint and not damage the society by committing crimes. But our own body is not property of any but ourselves, we can do with it as we wish and we Shall do with it as we will.

  • I think there's something wrong with the wiki; I tried to create a new page (to move a thread that had been flagged for relocation there), and it seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth; all that's left is a line of text on the main page where the link used to be.

  • Fixed (thanks @Jack)!  I've officially moved this thread to the wiki, on this page.  The thread in question, which had been flagged for relocation, is now ready to be deleted.

  • @Ian Just tried to edit the page to do some formatting stuff and it's telling me that it's missing...? Not sure what's going on.
  • @Oak:  Yeah, I get that too.  The FAQ page has the same problem.  It's probably a glitch in the wiki.

  • This is a pretty minor thing, but I noticed that when I signed up I was asked to put down my gender as either male or female. I'm guessing that information isn't actually used for anything, but it seems a little strange to me to ask people to identify themselves as part of the gender binary before they can participate in discussions about transcending our biology and all that good stuff. It might be worth considering adding a third option for people who don't wish to identify themselves as male or female, or getting rid of the question altogether.
  • I vote getting rid; I'm sure it's just in the signup thing out of the box, but it gives a wrong first impression. @Ian, if you folk are too busy to do it, I can try get a patch together and send it to you. It will take me a bit.
  • @Unqualified:  I'm definitely going to be very busy for the next few weeks, but what exactly are we folk doing?
  • Should have been @Jack or @SovereignBleak, but I had a brainfart. Sorry.
  • I think now is the time to switch over to more efficient channels.  I am thinking mumble and Google+ 
  • I ain't touching Google+, I'm afraid; I'm not comfortable with the WASPcronym policies, or giving yet more personal info to an ad agency.
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    @Lukas and I will be discussing the future of in New York this Monday. Grinders in the New York area who would like to join us can meet at Alligator Lounge at 7pm.

    There's a lot of work that can be done to streamline communication that still satisfies the anonyms out there. 

    I'm committed to maintaining and improving
  • Good to hear. ",)
  • Suggestion!

    A linkdump thread, with blogs, articles, and other online materials. Sort of like the planned resource library but more informal and with more unprofessional things like blogs (like Evolution by Proxy and the videos done by other grinders).
  • @Sarcose:  We have a facebook page for that :D
  • And a linkdump thread would help me find that facebook page, because I have searched "biohack" and the link takes me here!
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    @Sarcose, I intend to eventually set up a local linkdump using StatusNet and close down the Facebook group. In my opinion, it's contributing to site fragmentation.
  • I would tend to agree. There are so many reasons Facebook makes for a terrible place to spend your online presence.
  • would it be possible to make a device that can record everything you write down in a day from your hand movements? or maybe a similar device that is used to translate sign language?
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