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Hello grinders,

As most of you no doubt already know, @Cassox, @glims and I, under the moniker Science for the Masses, have for the past several months been intently pursuing a project aimed at extending the sensitivity of human vision to the near infrared by means of a dietary shift. If you are unfamiliar with this project, please reference this thread:

Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, one of our test subjects has dropped out of our pilot study. As a result, we have postponed the start date for our study until we can find a replacement. If you are interested in filling this spot, we would like to offer you the opportunity to see the world in a way few, if any, human beings have before.

There are a few requirements to participating in the study, listed below:

-you must be willing and able to subsist entirely on a liquid vitamin A deficient (VAD) diet and water for a period of 90 days
- you must be willing and able to abstain from consumption of alcohol, tobacco, OTC medications, recreationals and pharmaceuticals for a period of no less than 104 days
-you must be willing and able to acheive and maintain an approximate body fat composition of <10% for males and <18% for females during the two weeks prior to beginning the study. We can offer guidance, including a complete training regimen and diet, to assist you in doing so
-you must be willing and able to collect and report basic biometric data, to include weight, body fat %, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature daily
-you must be willing and able to participate in electroretinography scans, which can be quite uncomfortable
-you must be willing and able to regularly post to our blog relating your experiences during the study to our readers and backers
-you must accept all liability related to participating in this experimental study completely and totally, without reservation

We handle our research a little differently than some, and will be adhering to a strict experimental protocol for the sake of repeatability and scientific integrity. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please send an application to [email protected] with the following information:

-physcal gender
-estimated body fat percentage (
-acceptance of liability
-any personal history of diseases or disorder of the eye, to include chronic eye infections
-any family history of congenital vision disorders
-any underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes or juvenile RA, which could potentially effect your vision
-any allergies (just in case you're allergic to anything used in our equipment or liquid diet)

PLEASE NOTE: if you are located outside the USA, you will be required to pay all shipping and handling charges involves in getting your equipment and chemicals to you.

Thanks for reading!



  • Excellent; just to let everyone know, we're accepting applications until the end of this week only. Thanks for your interest.
  • Typo has been corrected. Body fat requirement for female test subjects is <18%, not <13%.
  • how much do electroretinography scans cost?

    We supply the ERG and stim. Basic biometric equipment (scale, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, heart rate monitor, body fat calipers) are on the test subject.
  • Outside the USA, so what kind of shipping charges would you expect mainland uk? will there be another, follow-up project?
  • Honestly, I have no idea. You'd be shipped approximately 30 lb of equipment and food from NM, another 30 from TX, and there'd be a handful of other food items you still needed, but which must be of a specific brand (TBD; they have to be put through HPLC to check for any trace retinoids). I'll look into it. Feel free to shoot us an email anyways.
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    Scratch that. Closer to 20 from New Mexico.

    As far as follow ups to THIS project, that depends entirely on our results and whether they yield us additional funding. I can guarantee you, however, that there will be other projects coming up which you may be able to participate in.
  • Just out of curiosity, what sort of vision disorders might have an effect on this experiment?
  • ah, would be interested in being part of another project, preferably one which isnt just before my exams. Would appreciate being kept in the loop.
  • @TheGreyKnight retinal neuropathy or diabetic retinal detachment, to name a few of the more obvious ones. We'll be evaluating them on a case-by-case basis.

    @Wisven absolutely :) feel free to subscribe to our blog,, and follow us on twitter @science_ftm
  • Hi everyone,

    We really appreciate all the applications we've received in the past few days. Unfortunately, we were unable to accept all of you due to budgetary restrictions; however, if you were not selected, you can rest assured that I have tucked your email away for safekeeping, and you'll be the first to hear from us in the future when we need assistance for other projects.

    You can read about our additions to the pilot study here.

  • It has begun O.o

    All five test subjects are now subsisting on VAD Soylent powder and water. We will continue burning fat during this time so as to drop our retinoid levels as much as possible prior to beginning A2 supplementation. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this happen, and be sure to keep up with us at !
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