Selling N-48 0.7X3mm Parylene Coated magnets

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Sorry guys, I changed my mind about this, and will be purchasing from supermagnetman instead is it seems to be a lot cheaper.
Hi guys,
I'm about to order 100 N48 0.7X3mm Parylene coated magnets from V&P Scientific's UK distributor, and i dont have the need for 100 - who would be interested in buying some so that im not left with a load of magnets sat around?
Either post here or message me, I will try to keep this updated with quantities.

I will be ordering in about 2 weeks, and they think about 2 weeks delivery, so about a month for them to reach me. I will figure out the postage and cost per, will require the money to be transferred to me before i send them.
Happy to ship internationally, though the cost will be more. If you have any preferences, just let me know and i will be as accommodating as i can.

10 for me leaves 90 going.

<legal> Do not implant these, it would be stupid, and I cannot be held responsible </legal>


  • I'd be interested, depending on the cost.
  • lets see, they've said its £76+ VAT for them, so thats £91.20, or 91.2p each, plus postage from me to you
  • Supermagnetman has way quicker shipping times as well, the parylene is thicker (HUGE +) and you can buy in smallish quantities. definitely recommend them over v&p
  • How well do the supermagnetman parylene coated magnets do against minor bumping and are they for long term use. As in will the coating rub off after a couple years. Will I have to replace it? I really want one, but am worried that the parylene coating wont be sufficient. Im not really looking to take it out anytime soon. About 5 or more years. I serve at a restaurant and workout 4 times a week. So my hands are in contact with heavier objects often. Also for heat, is there a danger from hot plates heating up the magnet. Thank you for all the responses. Ive been searching the forums researching for a couple months now and recently signed up. 
  • @nathan0918 parylene is not an ideal coating as far as its mechanical properties goes. Obviously, with proper placement and being subdermal as it is, the risks of scratching it off are minimal, but you may wish to look into other coatings if you are dealing with high impacts regularly. In addition, the parylene adheres to tissue, and there have been some reports of fouling a few years out. This seems to me to be your most likely culprit as far as requiring removal goes.
  • Ive been looking around a various neodymium magnet distributors and they dont offer any better coations, unless teflon would work. Ive emailed supermagnetman about making a custom batch. In the mean time does anyone know where to buy some that are suited for high impact?
  • Teflon is wonderbread, but die to the heat required to coat it onto the magnet you're limited the magnet strength to 40-45mgo instead of 50-55mgo.
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    Im planning on using a 2x6mm cylindrical magnet implanted with a RFID injector (it implants 2x12mm RFIDs). How much strength will the teflon coat cause to be lost. Both weight it could hold and magnetic fields. Sorry for all the questions. Im so interested, but want to do it correctly the first time
  • I'm not sure about overall strength lost though teflon coating, but the amount of weight you could pick up with it depends a lot on the depth of the magnet. I have two identical magnets, one in each ring finger, and the one that is slightly deeper can barely hold a bottlecap, while the shallower one I regularly use to retrieve dropped items, lift chains of paperclips or small screws, and can even lift some silverware with it.
  • Thanks! and may i ask what magnets you have? (N##, coating, and size)
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    I have two of the 3x5mm cylinders used by Brian Decker in NYC. He only described the coating as a "bio-polymer shell coating" in our emails and I am not sure what specific strength the magnets are (I may have known both, but likely forgot,) but I measured them not long ago and got about 0.013 teslas through the coating and skin. I'm curious now, so I'll email him to try to get more specific info. 
  • Like I said, you're losing about 10mgo, or 20% for a magnet of identical volume, geometry, and direction ofmagnetization. I have no idea what that equates to in terms of sensation, as I've only ever worked with the stronger parylene coated ones.
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    EDIT: Heh, I was reading @cassox blog for the surgical procedure and immediately after posting this saw the suggestion to use dental resin. Did you do that to your magnet?

    @Saal About the Parylene C coatings...if we assume the parylene coating is bioproof then would adding a thin coat of superglue or something along those lines for mechanical strength be advisable? I'm not sure what would be best but the idea being now that we don't have to worry about bioproofing we only need a strong thin biocompatible layer.
  • @Cassox is no longer recommending the resin coating. Would not recommend superglue; just the parylene is your best bet atm
  • Well shucks, I suppose a visual inspection of the parylene will have to do. I wonder what ever happened with that Alabama professor making custom coatings....
  • mix water and salt in a cup, drop that shit in the cup. wait 10 days; if it's rusty, don't implant it. If it's not, you probably still shouldn't implant it, but there's no use trying to talk sense into anyone (including myself) that frequents this site ;)
  • so i'm still magnet-less and the feasibilty of this project is waning with every month... that i'm jobless doesn't exactly help either.  i suppose this is still very new and not as widespread as i'd like it to be, all the same i really wish there was a quick sort of "package " that would include the magnets, all tools needed to implant and a sort of quick "how to" booklet. sad it's not likely... 
    - just raving here...
  • hmmm... thats not a bad idea...
  • I actually think some people or working on that right now. I can't really say more because I am not in that loop, but i think this is a thing.
  • if anybody does come up with a "package deal" of sorts i would DEFINITELY be interested. and i think that would warrant a new thread. glims, saal,cassox ? PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN ? you guys know more than us mere mortals. this would help so many people out!
  • cass and glims are the brains, I just parrot :)
  • Don't forgot tom! 
  • so cass is writing something up today-ish, should be up soon. just so you guys know, we have taken the coated magnets from multiple suppliers, including supermagnetman, and subjected them to coating verification (fluoroscopic)  and cytotoxicity tests. it's a whole world beyond tossing it in some salt water and looking for bubble

    as soon as we get a batch ready, we will let everyone know.
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