Orexin A (or similar)

Does anyone know of Orexin-A being acquirable in the US?


  • As far as I know, it's not a controlled substance. The only real barrier should be getting a chem company to sell it to you (they typically don't like to sell to cold callers without ties to established research institutions or companies that make use of the chems due to liability).
  • what he said.

    on that note, your best looking purchase is about $500 for somewhere between .5 and 1mg. it's a protein. they are always really expensive.

    the downside of learning about all this cool bio stuff happening is realizing how super fucking expensive it is to synthesize these things.
  • If I recall the dosage right, that's only a handful of doses. I recommend the intranasal method. Also, don't buy it from some sketchy peptide company for an obviously fraudulent sum. I can assure you you won't find it any cheaper than glims can, period.
  • So it's possible, but not (financially) feasible unless you're a millionaire?

    Time to consider alternatives :/
  • Well, at some point someone is going to have to broach the whole GE bacterial bioreactor issue. This is likely doable like how insulin is produced. Big batches of bacteria modified to produce this protein... assuming that Orexin doesn't have a role in bacteria of course.

    There are a lot of things that can be done if someone comes up with a DIY at home system, but it'd be a hell of a project.

    This same expertise would be utile in a number of other suggested projects. Bacteria on the skin that exudes perfume... modified GI bacteria for something or other. Glims would really be the go to guy for this. For all I know the plasmids already exist to make it, but I doubt it.

  • My point is that if you don't want proteins to cost 500 a dose, make them yourself. This is the type of project that would have to occur long before the next steps.
  • Actually, with this particular situation, I believe people are either synthesizing it via solid state peptide synthesis, or extracting and purifying it from source.

    ooh, i found 10mg for 1100 dollars... that's uh.. a little more reasonable.
  • Another project that caught my eye buried in the depth of the forums. Another for the list of bio projects we could get going. the peptide is 33 residues long. That's a TINY string. even at the price of $0.25 a base pair that's ~20 bucks for the sequence? (tripled since 3bp per residue of peptide) add maybe another 20-40 tops for primer etc. and bacteria are easy to modify. We could build a bioreactor, get the sequence, even build a plasmid for 100-200 maybe? and if it works we could produce a ton of this stuff, or any other small peptide we deem useful. Thoughts?
  • I've built bioreactors and chemostats before. Not really a difficult thing.

    So this is quickly mutating into a let's have a tool build session (also we be all broke) so that we can do more of this bio stuff. This is something SfM is super excited and primed to do except for that frustrating resource issue. Ideas?
  • This is why we're hauling ass to try and get our lab funded so we can work on stuff like this. Balls is it frustrating. Here's my suggestion. We start working on the plasmids or whatever for all of these projects. get the theory down perfectly and when everything is ready make a big push to get everything rolling. The idea is that I'd like to be supplying all this stuff on the thought emporiums site so biohackers can play with it. it's just a matter of funding. Building the ractor itself should be simple enough. You have the experience and i'm always itching to build things. so we cna put that aside for now. Lets focus on how we're gonna make the bacteria produce this. 
  • brick in the sequence, smack an osm precursor onto the C term to get it outside the cell, isolate from liquid... uh that's it actually...

    That osm hack is really the best. Second most functional way to do source extraction.
  • For this and other bacteria involved things. http://biofilmbook.hypertextbookshop.com/v004/r003-backup/contents/chapters/chapter011/section021/blue/page002.html

    a simple drip flow cell chemostat of sorts.We could easily modify it to incorporate a spec and an Arduino to control the in and outflow and air. maybe switch out the little container for something larger like a mason jar. Just drill a couple holes in the top for tubes.

  • We actually all got fired up about a chemostat design when we were hanging out. This way we are able to modulate the amount of nutrient based on the growth so that you can force the evolution of the bacteria in a certain direction. Huh, I guess I should start that thread....
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