Hacking Aspergers

Greetings fellow Grinders/BioHackers,

Disclaimer: I know it was brought up here http://discuss.biohack.me/discussion/comment/1071#Comment_1071 but I'm looking at a different route.

The more and more I  become involved in the biohacking and grinder community the more I want to start work on my project.... problem is I have an end goal but no idea how to achieve it. 

Having grown up with, and now in the workforce as a mobile developer with Aspergers,  I find it more apparent that the aspects that neuro-typical's see as "negative" make it hard for me to keep and maintain a job (but this is nothing new its hard for anyone these days to keep a job). But like recovering from a injury i have found that it is causing me to use me advantages a bit more especially when I get a project or task that triggers the hyper focus that autistics like my self have that cause us to be "mini professors".  recently that got me thinking, Why cant it be used more often, why is it only on certain things or very specific things (like nfc programming on the android stack on the N5). 

The question i pose to you all is how would i go about figuring this out, and potentially brining this to other aspects (or perhaps help me kick the need for my adderall)  but at the same time gather data that has a bias towards being perspective rather then something worth hard facts? or is there even a way of molding this so i could change my thinking style to match the task at hand (more able to grasp learning from book or online materials where they don't always hold your hand threw the process and just show you initially what is needed and cover tidbits of the advanced stuff?



Afterthought: I am looking into getting an eeg cap (with the 12 sensors on it. And the software normally used with bioneuro feed back for my self and i realize it could have potential use for this project.

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