Getting it done soon.

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So I live about 20 minutes from Steve Haworth and on May 12th I have an appointment to get him to implant a magnet into my finger.

He will be charging $300 which I already think is a bit much however considering he definitely knows what he is doing which will result in better healing
plus he has his own "fancy" biocoating and he makes sure that everything is just right before the implant it feels like it would be worth it compared to me doing it myself and having to deal with doing everything one handed plus the stress of not getting it in there right the first time.

What do you guys think? Does $300 seem like a fair deal considering it is from the papa bear of the subdermal world or would I be better off just going ahead and doing it myself (with a spotter and the whole shabang of course).

I have no issue cutting myself open and doing all of it with one hand. I just feel that my perfectionist side of me would be going wild wanting to do it flawlessly and would not be content the first few times.


  • O.o

    Previously he's only charged $200, and his "special biocoating" is, as far as I know, still plain old implant grade silicone--which, don't get me wrong, is better than most coatings we have access to, but that's some plain and simple snake oil marketing.
  • I found a local piercer who insists on using Steve's magnets.  He quoted me $200 and he's got experience.  I suspect Steve's time is pretty valuable but honestly, if you feel most comfortable having Steve do it then go for it.  Piece of mind is valuable too.
  • Am i the only one who sees no particular benefit in going to a piercer or even Steve himself to get it installed? The way i see it, the most important part is the magnet. If you are sure it's coated properly and isn't going to be an issue, take a good bit of time in prep, make careful incisions, and it's nothing he will do any better than you. the only issue is the placement. and with that not a WHOLE lot can go wrong. as long as you are not a complete idiot with the knife you should be fine. as far as surgeries go this is not the most complex and while piercers may know a thing or two, it by no means warrants a 300 dollar operation...
  • Very valid point you have there @Saal, I'll ask why his pricing has increased. By chance you have the source from where the $200 is from just so I have something to quote when I ask him?

    @McSTUFF I am already thinking of looking around for someone who is independently ran who isn't gonna over charge and see what work they have done.

    @Dragon5 I agree completely and already stated before in the thread the only reason I am thinking of going to a piercer over doing it myself is due to the fact that I like perfection when possible and due to lack of experience on intentionally cutting small spaces on myself and inserting objects into them that is why I am looking to get anyone else to do it just so I can see the process in person then know what to expect when doing it again in the future.

    I am more of a learn by watching others do it once then replicating it later by myself and I manage to learn things 3x faster by that process. Watching something on YouTube or reading about it just can't get through my thick skull for whatever reason and even watching every video there is and reading about it endlessly still takes me ages to figure out how to do something precisely.
  • People whose words I trust on this site have stated consistently he's charged them $200. There are quite a few threads here that mention his work, shouldn't take much digging.

    Of course, I've never priced him myself, so this is entirely hearsay from my perspective.
  • I do remember those quotes as well and they defenitely are words that are trusting.
    I was at work so was unable to do the digging however now that I am back at my house I shall dig away and ask any remaining members from that list if they had to do anything special to get $200 for a price.

    For $200 that is way more reasonable from my perspective and would get it for piece of mind and accuracy. Will update it as I go and see why he says $300 and how the implant turns out when I go to get it.
  • I got my magnet installed today.  A professional piercer did the job because I can get a little tippy when my skin is broken.  The piercer and I had been planning this for a month.

    Everything was going peachy until I was washing up and felt the stitches with my other hand.  I felt light-headed and I saw my reflection and I was white as a sheet.  I headed to the waiting room couch and when I got there the shop owner was touching my face and he told me I took a nasty dive.  What?  Okay?  The piercer said I had a one inch gash where I smacked my face.  So the shop owner was holding gauze to my face.

    This was the second time in my life I had passed out.  My girlfriend was there and she was calm so I wasn't worried.  She told me that I came out of the bathroom, bent down like I was going to tie my shoes then I just fell like a sack of potatoes right on my face.

    There's the site

    There's a sight

    The drawback to a professional is that he insisted on using a Steve Haworth magnet which are not cheap so I had to pay for that.  Naturally he charged for his time and materials so I had to pay for that.  The shop was an hour from where I live so I had to pay for that.  At least I didn't have to drive myself back.

    The advantages were that I actually got the magnet inside.  There is < 1% chance I could have done this to myself.  I was in a clean environment when this took place rather than my dining room.  When I took that spill the piercer patched me up in less time than it would have taken to drive to a hospital.

    Either way you decide to go, HAVE A SPOTTER.  I don't know how I would have gotten home if my girlfriend hadn't been there with me.

    So, this ordeal is has already hit the point where it's funny.  You can tease me about getting more stitches than I bargained for.
  • I hope you get better soon bro!
  • Thanks @Jack_Sylvane.  I'm taking ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory and that's all.

    The guy who did everything for me was a great help.  I would recommend him to anyone in Minnesota.
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    Piercer at a local shop charged $30 per magnet implanted, I bought them in a group buy here for like $25 (10+shipping).  Professional guy, clean room, tattoo shop that has 6 stores in the area.

    I'll note that every other tattoo shop in the area refused, and that chain only had one guy willing (or that they would allow anyways) to do it.  I think I got the luck of the draw when it comes to price, but it may come down to finding someone who thinks magnets are interesting and wants to try it.  I had no stitches, my fingers were completely healed in 2 weeks and I was back to hardcore (programming) typing in <2 days. 

    At any rate, I highly suggest having a professional do it.  Everything is sterile, they have done this or something similar before, and you can't even begin to imagine the pain of having something stabbed into your fingers-while trying to not move in the slightest.

    @McSTUFF that looks like it hurt!  Get well and quit poking it lol
  • McSTUFF I hope that when you need to remove the stitchess of the chin you dont get a lot of pain, I think thats a sensitive area, anyways its great you have now your magnet! Welcome to the club haha
  • So a slightly old thread however I thought it most accurate to update information on here.

    Just got my implant an hour ago and it went flawlessly. He managed to do it within a few minutes and was super friendly and informative.

    I'll start posting pictures on here starting tomorrow if anyone happens to be interested.

    Process was really simple and I had a friend along with me just to double check that I would be good before I drove myself back to my place. (20 min drive)

    Not entirely sure what else people would be interested to hear about so happy to answer questions if anyone would happen to have any.

  • If I lived close to Steve, I'd gladly pay him $500 for the service.  Safety and pain minimization are worth the extra bucks.  But those are just my values.

    When some of the more versatile circuits by Grindhouse become available, I'll have cash saved up, for extra precautions.

    It would be helpful to see a long list of eligible artists for each state.

  • It was only $300 for everything. Not the $500 you mentioned. 

    However you are correct that it was painless and has remained painless assuming that I don't smash it into something accidentally.

    I definitely agree that it would be useful in the wiki perhaps to have a list of artists by name and location that way people can have a means of scouting out a location if they so desire. I imagine for the sake of publicity it would be best to get approval from the artist ahead of time on the off chance they don't want to make it public that they implant magnets for liability purposes.

  • Yeah, that has to be an issue with some of the potential implanters.  Can't blame them, in this day & age.

    I guess it comes down to picking up the phone, and calling.

  • Pretty much. Plus regulations and such might prevent them from being able to publicly mention that they do magnet implants for whatever reason.
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