First time magnetic implant. Lots of questions!

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Hey guys so I'm a noob and just found out about magnetic implantation and I find it incredibly interesting and want to give it a shot. I've ready tons of threads in this discussion forum but I haven't found an answer to many questions so I'm hoping someone can help me out and help me to get in the world of biohacking.

1. What is the best magnet/coating to use for a first timer and where can I buy a few ASAP?

2. I've seen videos of people injecting the magnets using needles and I'd like to do it that way. Can anybody direct me to the right needle needed to do this and if there are any downsides to doing it this way? 

3. Where is the best/most sensitive place to put a magnet? I wanted to put it on the tip of my finger but I workout daily and I'm afraid of shattering the magnet with the constant daily pressure on my fingers and palm of my hand. I was thinking of putting it on the side of my left ring finger but im wondering if thats a sensitive spot with many nerves.

4. Is there any site or article that explains that steps taken and how deep to place the magnet?

5. How often to magnets get rejected?

Thank you!


  • There is tons of information on all of these subjects around the forum already. Do some searching and you will find all your answers. If you have another more specific question that you can't find information after you do some searching we'd be glad to help you.
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    The best thing is to go with a professional piercer and get it done by him 
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