Doktor Sleepless' "Tags" Becoming More of a Reality

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  • This is pretty cool, I'm eagerly awaiting the development of the "on eyeball screen" to go along with the computer. I'd be fascinated to see (no pun intended) how the navigation would work, I imagine you would control the cursor (or what have you) by moving your eye around but I imagine there would be the risk of accidental pulling up your facebook page while you're driving. Which auctually adds an entirely  different issue, forget texting, we're going to have computing while driving.

    Well guys, I guess we should get to work on clatter then.
  • We're almost there.

    I think controlling the cursor via eye movement is anything from awkward to suicidal.
    I've been hooked up to a machine that moves one using my brainwaves- it never did what I told it, sure, and looked like a plot device from bad 1980's scifi, but I'm sure the technology is vastly improved nowadays. It might be possible to miniaturise the detectors and implant them, assuming you can find one that actually works.
  • augmented contact lenses?... i remember one of my buddies cursing at his colored-contacts as they always rotated in a way they should not. aside from that... how are you supposed to read stuff with that. usualy the eye moves over the text but if the text moves along it's like... chasing dust.
    ... not that i mind looking like that but i doubt it's very useful.
  • @ThomasEgi:  I think that should be an easy problem to work around.  Look left for long enough and maybe the image scrolls left, look right and the display pans to the right.  If the lens detects a sustained period of light dimming on the upper side of the lens, it might signal that the wearer is looking up (due to the fact that the upper part of the lens is covered by a greater portion of the eyelid when looking up).  Unless prompted to scroll in a certain direction, I imagine it would be just like looking at an image through one of those view finders.
  • I have hopes for <a href="">these guys</a>. Not impressed at their time to market, however.
  • @Unquailified I can't really figure out what's going on with that site. It looks like it hasn't been updated since 2009. They predicted they would go to market in 2010 so I'm guessing they were research for some big company and got removed during the financial crash. A shame seeing as they had prototypes :\.
  • @Unqualified:  yeah, I found out the hard way that HTML tags don't work here.  You pretty much just have to click the "Insert Hyperlink" button.
  • @Firedust: it's their "we'll have consumer products Real Soon Now" site. They make their money selling helmet-mounted HUDs to the military. They might be trying to stir up investors alright, but they do actually have a product.
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    Just Quickly:
    Vuzix make AR glasses for the military and public.
    Emotiv produce DNIs for the public.

    Subdermal DNI + Artificial retina + bluetooth = Awesomesauce.

    AxiomaticBadger, Away!
  • I like the Lumus theoretical-product because of its unobtrusiveness; it's an overlay on a completely transparent screen. See example of the HUD here.
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