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about a year ago I bought some Au and parylene C coated ND magnets in a group buy, theyve sat away in a box in my room until now, i've just ordered some large gauge needles to insert. does anybody know what I should do to sterilize them? i'm assuming anything heat related will destroy the coating, how would I inspect these to make sure they're suitable for implantation? will isopropyl alcohol sterilize them sufficiently? also I know its been discussed before but what placement would you agree is the best? from what ive read its at the side of the finger and not under the pad, can someone be very specific about placement? ive read a lot over the whole time ive been interested and I want to make sure im 100% comfortable with this.thanks in advance


  • I think isopropyl is the correct way.  You can actually autoclave parylene, but it will degrade the magnets strength so don't use heat.

    One important step, put the magnets in a shot glass (seperately).  Shake off the bubble they get floating down.  If they make another bubble, the coating is bad so don't use it.

    Mine are in the pinky and middle left hand, on the sides.  The part that squishes out when you press your pad down.
  • Augmentationlimitless.blogspot.com

    good advice there on prep and such. buy super sanicloths (quats pads) on amazon or ebay for sterilization.
  • thankyou for the advice, does anyone have any walkthroughs of the procedure using a needle for implantation? I don't really have the experience to be using scalpels and suturing myself. I planned on using a 4mm needle to make an opening and then some kind of liquid bandage to close once the magnet is inside. this has made me wonder whether this will be deep enough or if its more surgical and i'd need to completely open it up? if that's the case I wont be doing it myself, im not squeamish and i'm fully comfortable with the pain and procedure but completely opening my finger tip up and sewing it back on is a bit out of my range

    augmentation limitless has a very useful post about potential damage areas, I just want to make sure I know precisely how deep this needs to be
  • You need to get beneath the dermis and make a pocket for it. I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more traumatic the way you're planning.
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