Super hydrophobic coatings

So I just got back from this medical device expo in Anaheim and I ran into this amazing super hydrophobic material that was really impressive. I've messed around with stuff like neverwet and was very disappointed because it doesn't last long. This other stuff being demoed at the show was much cooler. It can be applied directly to circuits and electronic components, thereby waterproofing them. They had an arduino submerged in an aquarium filled with Rockstar energy drink and it was running great. They also had phones and were encouraging people to handle them, demonstrating the coating didn't rub off. They claim it will outlast the life of the electronics they are coated to. It is bio-safe and awaiting fda approval. I'll post links when I find them in this mess of trade show swag I have.


  • here is the company:
    there are some videos on the site as well.
  • Besides the obvious magnet and RFID chip what other applications can you see this used for in the near future? From what I remember there aren't a large amount of tech that I can think of that have stopped us from shoving into our body due to needing a better biocoating.
  • This stuff would make a fantastic secondary bioproofing, especially on electronics, minimizing damage from tissue interaction with those parts. The insulating properties could also reduce your chances of getting electrocuted by your device when the primary bioproofing fails and your body fluids spill across your circuits.

    I also liked that the coating was thin and completely unnoticeable, whereas silicone and other coatings are usually fairly thick.
  • Magnets and RFID have known materials that have known effects on tissues when they fail inside the body. I have no idea what impact all the different materials in a pcb board and various sensors/batteries will have on tissues if they fail.

    It is extra peace of mind for me anyway when I consider how something as lame as a tampon might lead to something fatal like toxic shock syndrome.
  • All valid points. I am rather curious about their length of lifespan as everyone who already has the magnets and those who are getting it soon might have to get them replanted 15 years down the road from the biocoating thinning out too much.

    I guess there really won't be a way to tell until down the road when we are experiencing it first hand and need an update.
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