Liposuction prior to implanting?

I understand that the first implants will be fairly big, primarily due to the choice to take multiple components over single integrated chips (which will be harder to upgrade and exchange code wise), as well as our fairly limited available battery technology.

So to cope with that, I thought that the right upper chest area above the nipple would be fairly suitable, as there's quite some room there.

But that area has some issues. Mainly, there's a significant layer of fat in the way, making the wireless charging harder to do. The implant will probably stand out quite a bit as well.

To deal with that, I'm thinking of doing liposuction on one breast and then after six weeks, implant a microcontroller+sensors+battery+chargingcoil embedded in a silicone enclosure, shaped like the fat that previously was located in the chest area.

That will do two things:

1. keeps my body symmetrical and hides the micro controller.
2. makes it easier to charge.

Would that work? I can obviously see that as I'd age it might go a bit awkward (once removed, fat won't grow back - so the other breast might grow for example), but I can always upgrade to something that better fits my body at that moment.


  • From the parts based on your description, unless you are biologically female or above standard bulk, you will need to remove some muscle mass to stay symmetrical.
    all 3 of these options carry their own risks and complications.

    as for issues with implanting large things into your chest, please refer to the "body armor" thread...
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    glims Thanks. I'll read the "subdermal armor" thread

    A friend of mine had body fat sucked out and reinjected in a different location. Assuming the plastic surgeon wants to cooperate, take it out on one side, inject it in the other side. Instant mini man boob on one side and maybe enough room on the other side for a decent size implant without removing muscle mass.
  • It's not making the space that's the problem...
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