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  • I heard about this procedure a while ago and I've been really interested in it ever since then. There are only a few things that have turned me away... 1) Not wanting to do the procedure myself (I definitely don't want this going wrong) and 2) Not being willing to invest $50+ for 100 magnets when I only really need one. What magnet would you recommend (pre-bioproofed is preferable this for example) and is there anywhere to purchase it in smaller quantities? privately from one of you perhaps?

    Thanks for the advice
  • Hi, Icarus. If you only want one or two magnets and don't want to put it in yourself, I suggest finding a piercer who can get a magnet and implant it for you; they exist, there's a list on Steve Haworth's site.
  • Also, if you're going to have somebody else do it for you- most of the professionals charge insane prices. If I remember correctly, it was something along the lines of 200 dollars a finger?
  • It seems that the procedure, with the proper precautions and knowledge, has just as much risk as any other body modification. It is very encouraging to see documentation on the procedures; videos and descriptions could let people understand exactly what goes on during implanting.

    One striking issue that comes to mind involves circuitry, mostly involving computer parts. I handle expensive parts on a daily basis, ranging from graphics cards to surface mounted ICs. Does anyone have experience with implants affecting anything more complicated than simple circuits? From what I see a few people have handled credit cards without ill effects.
  • @GeorgeGough usually the smart types of implants are extremly low power. for the southpaw we aim for less then 1milliwatt. a regular cellphone easily manages to send with 1000more energy. so there is little to worry about interfering with other stuff. i would say if there is any risk of interference it is more likely that something else messes with your implant. emc-test are recommended.
  • Something's just occurred to me on the medical side of these implants. I'm from the UK and enthusiastically considering putting one Nd in my index finger. This would probably be classed as a piercing by the NHS, and they probably wouldn't be able to (pardon the pun) put their finger on it... :P

    Which is a problem for me as I want to continue being a Blood Donor, but the NHS Blood Donor screening process is very specific, they're a bit wary of even normal piercings done by certified piercers - and I don't think I could get my mate (a certified piercer) to do it officially, I recall Lepht, during her talk, mentioning how a couple piercers had been banned from doing it for money, or face legal action. Which is all a bit crap because I'm not gonna lie to NHS Blood, and they'd probably say i'm not a suitable donor, if I were to get this done.

    Anyone had experience with this? I'm tempted to ask my GP about it but he's an arse and useless to boot.
  • Mine was done by a piercer in Islington just a couple of months ago, so I think the legal issue is mostly sorted. What the vampires think is a different question, however -  quite interesting one, actually.
  • I'd skip that and just lie to the NHS- they have so many ridiculous rules and regulations. I got turned away because I've had multiple sex partners and sex with same gender partners, and then drilled because I had track marks just after getting out of the hospital. If you know you're safe to give blood, then you're safe. They test your blood after you give it anyways, so if it isn't safe, then you might get barred from donating but if you do the implant correctly its not an issue.
  • @DirectorX @SovereignBleak
    Just a quick note on stacking magnets: I don't think that stacking magnets for implants is safe if you're using any coating that's susceptible to tearing, like silicone or sugru because if enough force from the outside is applied to your stack, it can (will?) break and expose the magnets to your body. (I have heard of someone who had his magnet coated in titanium, which might help prevent this. It is way more expensive and less easy to diy, though.)
  • I realize I'm very late to the game, forgive me, but I was wondering. how deep was the incision made for some of your implants? Also, are you happy with that or would you have liked it shallower or deeper in your finger?

    Thanks for all the great information in this conversation, it's been really helpful in making my decision on getting an implant or not.
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