Imperial College London - Biohacking Student Film

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Hello, my name is Patrick Kennedy and I'm currently studying for an MSc in Science Media Production at Imperial College London. As part of the course we've been tasked with making a short film around the theme of 'discovery'. We would like to make a film surrounding the biohacking community as well as those who actively modify their own bodies. If you are in the process of having a neodymium magnet or other body hacks installed, we would love to feature you in our film. Feel free to get in touch here or via email or phone below.
Best wishes,
Patrick Kennedy
Mob: 07904481128


  • Pity I live on the other side of the world; otherwise you'd be welcome to film my first RFID tag implantation next week.
    Will you make the film available for us to see once it's finished?
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    i, too, live on the other side of the world and i am very interested in seeing it after its completion. keep us updated!

    @Kjwx maybe you could have it filmed and send it to him
  • Thanks for the responses guys. Of course we'll upload the film once it's completed. In the meantime, does anyone know of any specific UK grinder forums?
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