Just patronize me, I do smart on occasion

The idea goes like so: a flashlight, or laser (or both? put a maser in just for good measure) implanted under the skin around the hand/wrist/forearm (not spanning the length, just perspective areas). So you'll have to forgive my ignorance on this, not exactly a "subject matter expert" (but I did take apart a quartz watch as a kid, I never put it back together but that's besides the point) but I'm thinking some kind of piezoelectric toggle doubling as the energy source, maybe on thumb and middle finger. 

Would that be feasible? Pulling my skin, it looks like there's enough space. I'm not too sure on the size to energy production ratio but if 2, 1-2mm cubes would be insufficient than perhaps bars or cylinders put along a few finger joints. All else fails I guess induction or even some kind of transdermal plug. I suppose you could even attach a camera to this assembly but I digress, future topic perhaps. 

In my minds eye I see it so awesomely: the assembly would be tucked on top of the hand, in the space between the index finger and middle. Or maybe in between the thumb and index, then you put a piezoelectric "plate" on that big thumb muscle, (trust me, you don't want to thumb wrestle me last guy that did well... He burst into flames. Yea, I won and he turned to a pile of ash in like 2 minutes. True story, brah) just make a fist to activate. 

So what do you fine people think? Did I just embarrass myself, or could this be viable? I figure we're still kinda far off from robot eyes so this could be a half way point till then. Shit farther down the road integrate some kind of wireless BCI... They will rue the day they mocked me when I melt their faces off - oh you're still here... What I meant to say was that they will remember the day I lit the way from darkness with my fleshlight... I would never put a mazer capable of boiling a brain in seconds in my palm... That's my story and I'm sticking to it, genius and insanity are two sides of the same coin. That's why I don't carry cash, that and the fact local cats won't stop following me... I think they might have rabies, or T.gondii. Stupid cats can't take me, I GOT A THUMB MOTHER FUCKERS! (Yea only one, goddamn cross eyed llamas...)  


  • Your idea is neither genius nor insane, but based on pure wishing instead of physics or the art of engineering. For examles: stay away from transdermals, they have too many unsolved issues atm. And without transdermals you to having the light source beneath your skin, and your skin diffuses light, so no lasers, and no flashlight. A brightly lit piece of skin at best.
    The power requirement is yet another problem. You can find multiple threads on this forum about power sources for implants. I highly encourage you to read through them, they are rather informative.

    Ideas are not what we are lacking. It's the knowledge and skill to turn them into something real. And that's what you'll need on your way to something more than just a wild idea.
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