Self-magnet implanters: How did you learn self surgery?

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Do you have medical degrees or have had some other medical education?
I get dizzy from watching implant videos or other surgery, and I probably couldn't even make the incision.
This might also relate to me not ever having had any serious injury; no broken bones or serious wounds, the worst was a laceration on the head.

I don't want to learn self surgery to be able to do the magnet implants, I will have a professional do that, but I think the basics (like stitching wounds) could prove really useful in some situations.

Do you know of any good (e-)books or other material?


  • If you're going to attempt self-surgery, you will first need to accept all responsibility in case something goes horribly wrong. I have performed surgery on myself only after studying as much as I could on the Internet. This is far from proper instruction and I realized when I did it that I was taking a huge risk. That said, my self-surgeries were successful due to the limited nature of the procedures and the amount of self-education that I completed proor to attempting the procedures.

    I sought out verifiable sources of information made available online by medical professionals and checked their credentials prior to trusting any information. My study included not just proper surgical techniques, but also how to create and maintain a sterile field, proven bioproofing materials, and detailed anatomy of the hand in order to avoid blood vessels that could carry anything to my heart or other organs. I studied the muscular structure as well in order to avoid damaging the muscles or connective tissue.

    I do not recommend ever performing surgery on yourself even though I have done so myself. Seek out a qualified professional if at all possible. At the very least, have someone you trust standing by in case you need emergency medical attention as a result of any mistake you may make.
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