Magnet-Activated Phones?

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What I wouldn't give to be able to use an app like this with my magnet ...
Does anybody know of anything else out there that's similar?
I've also contacted the German makers of MagiTact to see if it's possible to get a copy.


  • That looks pretty nifty. Do you think the magnets we use for implantation will be strong enough for that, though?
  • For Android- Android Sensor Box

    Mine can pick up the magnet in a ~2cm sphere around the top left corner (Note 2).  It does an ok job at detecting how far away the magnet is.
  • According to the MagiTact website, a simple fridge magnet will work for one of their apps. Can't really see myself using the MagiBoxing option, which requires a ring-shaped magnet, so no loss there if our implants aren't strong enough.

    Heard from Telekom Innovation Laboratories a few hours ago; their rep wanted my contact details so their MagiTact project leader could get in touch. Will keep my magnet finger crossed.

  • I have played around with the compass app on my phone and it can definitely detect the presence o my magnet. I haven't done anything useful with it though.
  • Found a bunch of new(ish) iPhone apps that will work with our magnets ... My hands-down favourite being:
    Particle Magnetophone -
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    I've found that getting too close to the magnetometer causes it to stop for a moment, at least on an iPhone 3GS.

    I know that's a somewhat vague description, I'll work on it later.
  • magnetometers can get like.. magnetized. Which is probably what happens when you move the magnet to close. The good news: the chips have a build in function to reset this condition. Usually this function has to be called by software. So the iPhone OS may take a while before it detects the condition and resets the chip.
  • Apparently the iPhone 3GS magnetometer has several flaws so this doesn;t surprise me. Doesn't seem to be an issue with the newer models.

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    Also, since phone covers use magnets to stay closed beware of phones that detect magnets and go to sleep / consider when testing apps:
  • That's one of my favourite party tricks, @MattGuy ... I love turning iPads on and off using those hidden sensors.
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