So you want to take a magnet out of your finger?

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It seems like this is an extremely overlooked problem which needs to be addressed (or maybe I'm just ignorant). But how do\would you guys go about removing magnets? Are their preferred methods as of now?
It seems like it would make sense for a simple method to be developed to safely remove any implants without having to blindly cut yourself open until you find the implant (assuming it moved). It would make sense to have a way of quickly removing what we add in to our body if anything went wrong.

~ I was thinking about some future hacks i would like to do like having a thumb drive in my thumb. i know it would make sense if it worked wirelessly but i still think it'd be cool if i could pop out a bunch of cool info from inside of me and place it in a computer and then place it back inside for safe keeping. or even cooler a set of implants that could let you interact with a computer, like a keypad in your wrist, thumb drive in your thumb and display in your contact\eye? What do you think?


  • I wouldn't worry about a thumbdrive, physical storage is rapidly going the way of the dodo with increasing wireless internet access and cheap/large cloud storage. The way of the future isn't about putting your data device inside you, it's about not needing a device at all.
  • (proposed answer, never had to do this myself)

    1. Find a strong magnet.  Use it to locate your implant.
    2. Depending on the coating material, your magnet may have bonded with your tissue.  Use the strong magnet to try and flip over the magnet in your skin to break these bonds.  It'll probably hurt if it does flip over.
    3. Keep strong magnet handy.  Mark off where you think your magnet is.  Cut a slit deep enough to see the magnet, and at least the diameter of the magnet.
    4. Use the stronger magnet to slide the magnet out.
    5. liquid skin/stitch up the cut.

    There are a couple of people who have done this, so they could probably say better....but this is my plan if it ever needs to be done.
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