New to this as reality, but I've been thinking about this for a long time

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Hello world

I am an ametuer coder/maker, a nerd and a lover of all things cyberpunk. I cannot believe that I did not hear of this sooner, but I feel like I'm home. I'm in Florida and I'm talking to a few friends about setting up a little space and trying our hands at this stuff, although all we'll be doing is replicating other people's grinds for a while to familiarize ourselves with the skills/type of the thinking necessary for this sort of work. Before any of that, though, I'm trying to arrange to have a magnet implant done somewhat soon, if I can get my hands on the material and a decent body modder (mostly, someone who will do it locally). Because of the possible difficulty of aquiring the magnets, I may go with RFID (which would be fun to toy with).

This is the sort of thing that, while I may have not been familiar with you guys and what you do, I think a lot of us out there have thought intensely about. I've known for a long time that my interest in this stuff would prompt me to somehow be a test subject or early adopter, anything really. This is something that I feel I should be involved in. I'm sure many of you have had a similar realization, that flash where you realize that at least some of this stuff is or can be reality. Hope I'm not coming off like a weirdo, ha.

Anyway, here I am. I'll be lurking around learning what I can, trying to establish contacts and organize the people I have around me into something useful for the community. I don't think any of us have the expertise for wetware but things like the thinking cap are within range for us. I'd love to hear from anyone else in a similar position, or who would perhaps be interested in collaboration on code/whatnot.


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    wow, hello there. im in a lot of the same place. even though for now i want to understand the way of the grind more before i begin to grind myself. i'm also in florida and learning coding this semester, if you end up starting any kind of meetup or something locally i'd try my hardest to see if i could show up!
  • Thanks, it's good to hear from other floridians who are into this. I should mention that myself and the 3-4 people who seem to want to form this together are totally new to this and learning the ropes of things like the arduino platform and the ins and outs of the community, much like yourself. So as we try to go forth with our first replication project after the planning/organizing phase (which is where we're at right now) we're going to be learning a lot on the fly. So long as you're cool with that we'd be happy to link up and work on stuff together, share knowledge or designs we've been looking at, etc.

    Until then, I'll be here absorbing what I can. I also personally have an interest in meshnet and am in the process of getting a local node off the ground, FWIW
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    Wow. thats insane, i recently got my node working. err. before i fucked my linux partition trying to get both my video cards to work with it. but once i do a quick new install ill be able to get my node back up. once you get yours up you have to find some nodes, if you need help finding them i could point you to chatrooms if you don't know them. 

    Yeah, i'd be cool with learning together. don't know much of what i could share now though, do you guys have any background playing around with any tech? Are the group and you grouped locally? im in fort myers for college

    ~ how much do you know about meshnets btw? because i asked on the subreddit but only got 1 response. I want to see how portable we can make nodes, and to hopefully be able to carry one on a smart phone where people connect nodes directly like if it was a phone number and use channels like cb radios to communicate with eachother. So we could expand Hyperboria to a decentralized internet and phone service.
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