Increase perseverance by stimulating the anterior midcingulate cortex?

Some of you might have seen the study released a few days ago about increasing perseverance by stimulating the anterior midcingulate cortex.
Here is a summery:
And here is the full paper:

This is outside my skill area, but it sounds interesting, and something I'd want if it were available.
One question I have is: in the study they used invasive implants, but would it possible to simulate the same area using skin based electrodes or magnetic simulation?


  • Sounds like a prime candidate for tDCS experimentation. And I just so happen to have one of those thingies around here somewhere...
  • tDCS probably isn't going to cut it.  The anterior midcingulate is a pretty good distance in the brain, right behind the prefrontal cortex.  This seems more like a job for deep brain stimulation (which is what was used in the original paper).  Is @DirectorX here with his mad scientist blueprints yet?
  • So I agree with @Ian, but I just read this paper and it makes me think that tdcs might be worth trying
    ^this was mid-brain, which is deeper than I thought possible.

    I'm still on the fence with most tdcs stuff, probably because my own results have been marginal, but it makes sense that it might work better for some people just based off of skin resistance levels.
  • I still have a DBS unit + electrodes in climate controlled storage if anyone wants to volunteer/ kidnap a brain for it ;)
  • Really?! Is it one of the medtronics?
  • Aye, a Kinetra. Also have an IsoMed constant flow implantable infusion pump, more platiridium electrodes and a slew of other cool shit.
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