How will this affect our community?

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There's a new bill that was passed that bans "non-traditional" tattoos and piercings, stating that anything "non-traditional" must be performed by a doctor. I feel this will severely limit our movement. 


  • That's Arkansas only. None of the more reasonable states would do something like this. Microsoft would have to move out of Washington if something like that got passed. 

    Effects: greater density of tattoo'd and pierced individuals in urban areas as they flee the ridiculous law. Net value for us is positive :)
  • I started a post on this the day it occurred. I think its a conspiracy. It sets a precedent for later restrictions. It's a preamble to the luddites wish for a transhumanist holocaust. I say we strike preemptively. I've heard of a new pharmaceutical that causes behavioral change. Apparently once it's administered people can't help but want to copulate with their cousins and sisters.... oh wait a second.
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