Detroit/Chicago area implanters?

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im aware of brian decker in nyc and steve haworth but it just seems like there arent any options in my region, surely with the thousands of people getting implants there is SOMEONE around me doing it! thanks! also, are there any newer sources for buying just the coated magnets? there are a few links on here to places without $50 minimum orders but they seem to all be broken and it seems all the group buys are sucked dry. thanks again! 


  • Not sure about links, but I have VP 782N-3 Magnetic Tumble Stir Disc   if that helps.

    Chances are your local tatoo/piercing shops will be the best source to find someone who will do implants.  They'll probably give you a weird look, but eventually you'll find someone who knows a guy who will do it. 

    If you're willing to go to Indy-Artistic Skin Design has a guy that does it.

    Good luck!

  • thanks! I'll look into what you have, maybe I'll get the balls to do it myself but that's not likely :p
    thanks for the link as well, me and my girlfriend were planning a trip to Chicago, I live in southern MI, so maybe that shop won't be too far out of the way.
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