Circuit Scribe and Grinding

Hello Everyone,

I sent the campaign manager of this project a message regarding the development of a bio-safe ink. Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

COMMENT: I agree the use of silver in the skin would not be the best idea. However, the biohacking and grinder communities could benefit from something like this in terms of temporary connections between transdermal biometric sensors.

ANSWER:If there is a significant amount of interest in this, there could be ways to do this. Please email me if you would like to discuss further.

 So, is there an interest?

Also, I have heard of an ink company using an encapsulation method before. I wonder if something like that might work for developing a tattoo ink.


  • Conductive inks have been part of a slightly-offtopic discussion in

    Conclusion was that conductive ink, even if existent, is of no use unless you can have an insulation between ink and body while maintaining ink-to-ink particle conductivity.
  • do you think tissue damage post op could pose an issue? say a person connects two devices or multiple parts of one device and suffers a cut or blunt trama to the connection sufficicient to sever the connection. would the resulting scar tissue make it difficult to establish a new connection? 
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