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So I have a question about how the magnet reacts to impacts. By this I mean both levels of pain for the person with implant and chance of damaging the magnet or the coating of magnet and rejection. I'm a Freerunner as well as a martial artist (I use that term very loosely). So impact is something i really can't avoid even though i can lessen it. 


  • If you use a quality magnet/coating it should be fine for blunt impacts. I also do some amateur parkour and various "hands-on" stuff, and hard impacts can be uncomfortable, but it's not a sudden/stabbing/sharp pain that interferes with anything, more akin to rapping a knuckle sharply against a hard rock. It goes away pretty quickly. I've also found that I seem to have subconsciously adapted my grip to accommodate the new mass under the skin, so over time the frequency of impacts to the implants has lessened.

    The more pressing difference for me, is that the presence of fingertip implants has made some mundane tasks hand-specific - I don't open jar lids with my left hand anymore, as it feels SUPER weird to those fingers now, and I'm sort of afraid of tearing something. Also, I type and play piano slightly differently now, just a sort of adjustment to "hand posture". But climbing hasn't changed.
  • Thank you very much. I'm super interested in getting the implant but there is no way I'd be able to give up my current activities for it haha. Mild changes I knew would be there but wanted to make sure I'd still be able to train.
  • @Lucas_Dimoveo might also find zombiegristle's description interesting.
  • I should give a demo at the con in February, haha...I've got two fingertip implants in my left hand (and an RFID chip in the web) and it hasn't stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do.
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