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hello my name is nate I am currently a electrician considering getting a magnetic implant in finger(s) could be a life saver :)

my questions are; 1-what are the dynamics of the possibility of a glass enamel coated magnet for bio-proofing?

                              2-is the objective to get the magnet as close to the skin as possible or a deeper strategic placement / alignment w/ nerve bundles in finger tip ?

                              3- would say a "medium" to "small" magnet in ring finger and a "micro" magnet in 'next-finger-toward-pinky-finger' give a greater over-all scope of "visibility" to median nerve bundle ?



  • 1. sorry, can't really help there.  Mine are parylene coated:
    They are VP 782N-3 Magnetic Tumble Stir Disc, per the link these are not the kind that can be autoclaved, and will only stay magnetic below 80C.

    Diameter: 3.4MM
    Thickness: 0.733 MM

    2.  I believe closer to the skin is better.  Mine are off of the pad-because I do a ton of typing-on the side of my pinky and middle finger.  The part of your skin that squishes out if you press it on a flat surface.  I can definitely feel better sensation in my pinky, and I think that is because it's closer to the skin and the pinky is smaller so more nerves per area.

    3.  I'm not sure how to read this, since the ring finger is the finger next to the pinky finger...but you probably shouldn't put 2 magnets in a finger.  They will pull to each other and stick to each other, potentially rubbing any coating off.  Having one in my ring finger and one in my pinky finger has given me more of a 3d feeling. 

    I can detect power running through wires, and have actually spoken to some electricians that would <3 this feature.  I can see where an early warning of a live wire could save your life.  Good luck with getting them done!
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    thanks I meant middle finger + ring finger w/ different sized magnets to get a broader range of EM fields

    also whats the consensus on a ring shaped flat disc ?

  • ^ That's similar to what I've thought about, i.e. putting different sized magnets in the fingers to become sensitive to different frequencies, similar to how the cone cells in your eyes work.
  • is there a reason nobody's done all 5 fingers, or pinky+index for more '3d' interpretation? seems like farther apart would make  it easier to get a feel from different angles and better 'feel' relative distance,  strength, abd location - stereoscopic e/m perception,  as it were
  • people have done it. Sometimes it is a pain in the ass to have the magnets sticking to a neighboring implant. Lepht did it and so did Sovereign Bleak. If I remember right they thought it was over-kill.
  • Just finished implanting my first like 10 minutes ago. A few notes:

    1. HAVE A SPOTTER. I decided to go without for this attempt due to me being a solitary animal. Having people around during high-stress situations makes me super edgy. The tradeoff in decreased nervousness was nowhere near worth the inconvenience. Also, it's honestly just a moronic idea to perform self-surgery by yourself without telling anybody till after the fact.

    2. This time I used a 20 minute ice bath, after a failed first attempt with lidocaine. The ice bath worked just fine for me, although there was still a little pain. I personally had some trouble with performing a proper nerve block, but then, my foolish ass didn't bother to practice pre-op.

    3. Get that sucker deep. I'm pretty sure this one is too shallow and gonna reject; I couldn't get it to stop sticking to my suture needle so I aborted and went with superglue/steristrips.
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