My MRI experience

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Hi there I know this has been covered but I'm currently in hospital after a rather nasty infection in my thigh due to administering some anesthetic to myself via an intramuscular injection.

So I was sent down to the radiology department yesterday for an MRI to see what course of action needs to be taken. Upon arriving the radiographer was incredibly arsey with me after learning I have magnetic implants as well as piercings so was refused an MRI & treated like a nutter. So I'm just going to have an ultrasound instead today and hopefully some surgery to remove any funky stuff that's causing all the swelling.

Aside from the radiographer most of the Dr's I've spoke to have been very interested by grinding and I've had some pretty good conversations.

Just thought I would share my experience with you in case anyone else ends up going for an MRI at any point.

(Edit: I know its said time and time again but always take as much care as possible with hygiene and sterilisation, I've done countless procedures and it was one of the smallest which got infected because I got complacent. I'll spare you the pictures ;-))



  • Sorry about your experience with the Radiologist; but people need to be aware that, if you have magnetically reactive implants of any kind you need to let the Drs. know. The MRI can rip them out of your body, make them red hot, or both.
  • MRI's are also full of poisonous gas, so if a piercing/magnet were to rip out and actually puncture the machine...You get the idea.
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