Cases of stuff actually implanted

how many people here have actually implanted something other than an RFID or a magnet? has anyone sucessfully implanted a PCB? or something else?


  • Does swallowing a bluetooth chip count?
  • I think that'd be a yes.
  • I'm not sure if I can give the exact date yet, but assuming that our final stress tests all pass, we're implanting the first true Circadia prototype pretty soon.  That may be the first actual implanted PCB that we've done as a community.
  • I'm really excited for that. hope it works out guys!
  • Me too. I showed my mother the designs to that, that's what got her to accept me implanting magnets xD

    Funny thing, you know that biometric collar GE is making for emergency vitals? My mom (an EE) actually invented that in college and sold the design to GE for $500 because she was told it was essentially useless. Yah, she's pretty pissed.
  • @Saal, that is why you always take royalties, even if the initial payout is next to nothing.

    Circadia is being implanted tomorrow.

    An implant that Tim Cannon got a few minutes ago ...
  • that's pretty cool to see it running. definetly needs a scaledown in size.
  • Certainly needs a scaledown, though if this one succeeds it'll be nice to know that this is a reasonable upper bound on feasible implant size.
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