Bodyhack call out



  • Oh jeez. And a caffeine pill right before the DNP run?.....
  • @saal - yes. The cardio is done whilst on dnp although dnp is not taken just before cardio per se.

    The caffeine has a slight effect with lipolysis and furthers the effectiveness of the dnp.

    I'm not saying it is easy but it does bring down body fat quickly, which I am assuming was the barrier to continuing with the experiment.

  • @Joshua the only barrier right now is a 3 week lead time on the Soylent.

    To anyone else reading this thread, I highly recommend you avoid the above regime. Unless you like your insides well done. What is described above is a terrible idea. I'm not all against DNP when used responsibly, but the above regime is far more dangerous than it needs to be even to achieve a 1lb/day fat burn.
  • P.S. the caffeine also increase that dehydration steadily killing you on your DNP-fueled run.
  • If there are no fat loss barriers then my previous post is not relevant in this thread. My apologies for not keeping track of this project's status.

    The program I spelt out is fine and has never caused those I have worked with, nor I any dehydration issues. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the impact of low dose range DNP. As an agent it does have some anomalous risks, but as with most things the devil is in the dose.

  • I have some experience with DNP as well. Are you seriously trying to tell me 200mg DNP + 200mg caffeine + 140-150 bpm cardio for 45m twice a day is even remotely a good idea? You'd be better off stepping it up to 600mg and sitting in the A/C with plenty of fluids, both in terms of safety and effect. Keeping muscle mass is easier that way.

    To each his own man, but you're comin off a little crazy from my end :P you seem like a guy I gotta meet some day.
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