Carbon Party! Life Extension / Body Armour thread mashup!

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So, i have been working on a at home protocol for making boron carbide fabric, as previously mentioned on the implantable armour thread.  there's a paper in the library. this actually stemmed from some work related projects that i was doing, attempting to bond molecular structures into carbon fiber matrices based onthis whole bullet proof tshirt research. some fires (literally),  were started and we dropped the project.
on the lifeext thread, a video was posted about making ones own graphene at home, with basically an oven and some errant plumbing. before trying some tshirts, i was first working on duplicating the protocol and quantifying it. i have a slide which should be covered with a mixture of carbon structures. i have a slot reserved for the NMR later this week where i can test how much of it is C60. if this can be easily made from sugar and purified, buying olive oil tinctures would seem unnecessary. 

further work: can we do this and make the boron carbide fabric? this method requires a lot water and has a large "this stuff here is crap but here's the good stuff" ratio. also, how much C60 is in this mixture?  please refer to the mentioned video and paper. any input is welcome.


  • Ahh, maybe you misunderstood...the tincture I made myself.  The C-60 came as a powder with 99.9% purity.
  • right. and you also talked about making it yourself and were mentioning being concerned about purifying something you made yourself. i just randomly pointed my finger at olive oil tinctures, you can buy the powder pre mixed evidently.
    i'm just trying to throw together a protocol that will show initial purity for bottom up synthesis of C60 and then there will be a second part where you increase that purity. if the technique to make 99.9% purity is easy as pie and is cheaper than buying it material wise, then that's a good deal.
    i'm not great with all them fancy 'lectronics, but i do like making my own tools as much as the next guy. building your own C60 in your kitchen is pretty nifty.

    as is this tshirt thing. do you know how hard it is to find a vacuum kiln? your everyday vacuum ovens may be spec'd for 300C but that doesn't mean they wont start smoking and burst into flames when you crank them up. finding a way to do this at home is fun and less likely to get me fired.
  • @Glims
    What's the word on the C60 production method you were checking out? Does it work?
  • oh! man, yeah, i totally put that on the back burner a bit as all my energy has been focused on labwork and the Night Vision project. 

    But yeah, it works. However the yield is fairly low. I need to tweak the protocol to get the concentrations that I am looking for. It's doable, It's just going to require a part of my brain that is tied up in these other projects.

    Once the crowdfunding is over and the initial purchasing is done, I think I'll have a moment to chillax and work on side projects.
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