What to stick in a prosthetic tail



  • What were you planning to use to power the tail?  I'd think a good rc battery would work best, something like one of these. 
  • Originally it was going to be almost exactly that, but the cellular booster accepts USB power and I've found some lightweight LiFePO4 battery packs over 10000mAh with 2+ USB outputs, so I figured I may as well make the whole thing USB-powered. I may sacrifice some longevity per-charge, but I don't have to carry a second power source and as a bonus it can also be used to recharge various USB gadgetry.

    I'm going to have to wear it outside at least once just for the opportunity to plug my ass into my laptop to recharge and see the looks I get XD
  • Use a public charging station, if there's one in a mall near you, or something. 
  • So how well has it worked?
  • It hasn't really progressed. I got the cable "tendons" rigged up and have a control board, but haven't ordered the servos, EMG pickups, or any of the proposed electronics yet. Been rather busy, and all my spare biohacking energy is going towards the NIR vision project.
  • Did you ever get this thing working?
  • Yeah, reading through the thread now I'm curious. Any pics?
  • Moving on, does anyone even know how he/she would have done this?  How would the tail be controlled?  Further, if we know how to do this, why has no one else done it?  Even more, if we can do this, why not go full doc oc(even with simple control it would be quite the accomplishment)?
  • I'm gonna resurrect this thread again to bring up this recently published research presentation on BMI control of a third limb.
    Here's their video presentation:

    And here's the main author's link for bypassing the paywall for the article, just click full text: http://www.geminoid.jp/misc/scirobotics.aat1228.html

  • This is really cool, is anyone working on this sort of thing in the biohacking community? I remember seeing the "third thumb" a while back, but it seems to have disappeared. I'd personally be very interested, but I'm not sure where to start.

  • I kind hope the community starts thinking about interesting body mods like this and I hope that some one can try this out
  • Third thumb video here:

    Got some news and then disappeared like every other art project. I think they have the files available though, if you have the right type of printer.

    Everyone reading this should check out "The Journal of Soft Robotics". It's a scientific journal devoted solely to soft squishy robot bits.

    I would also like to mention that this is the most zombied thread on the site. Good job team.

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